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Tents (I have known)

February 11, 2012

take off imminent above Tintagel
canvas cracks, blast attacks
can we lash it down?

first day burn in St Tropez
sweat hot grit, amber-lit
abrasion stripping pink from brown.

buffalo-licks on Masai plains
shadow tongues, bubbling lungs
breath held silence – choke it down.

flat foot nocturne camel train
dune-shod stumble, powdered rumble
looming jinns a-flicker brown.

nebula glinting midnight eyes
arcing ink, laser wink
so we spangle, charcoal drown.

flaps and rustles, half-heard jostles
memories strung on guy-rope brown.


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  1. great dance in your words…and it sounds like quite teh adventures as well…i have known a few tents in my day…i lived in one for a year once…

  2. Wonderful piece. the sound and the rhythm help make the choice of words perfect.

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