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Experimental Poetry and Prompts


Essential Amber

Rose oil for sleep, almond for healing
vibrant leaves and bitterest stems
neroli from orange blossom
Sevilla flowers for fragrant stealing

Distilling incantation’s breeze
rose oil for sleep, almond for healing
magician’s fingers, wizard’s nose
press essences for fragrant dealing

For thirty summers, petals sealing
swift memory from alchemy
rose oil for sleep, almond for healing
relaxing muscles, rhapsody

From misty vials of spice annealing
drops of herbal, citrus, floral
canted amber glass – a carol
rose oil for sleep, almond for healing.


Thanks to Gay Cannon for this FormForAll prompt at dVerse Poets Pub
We’re writing Quaterns, a syllabic poem of 4 quatrains in which a repeated line (the refrain) moves position in each stanza. I have used some full and near rhyme and have varied the syllabic count between 8 and 9 syllables per line. We were invited to experiment!

  1. this is wonderful becky…my living room is now filled with rose oil and almond scent..i love when i can smell a capture that magic of the old recipes and people who collected wisdom all their lives to find medicine in nature..

    • Great to hear you say that, Claudia… I’d had these details waiting for the right occasion.. thanks to Gay’s prompt the aromas come to life 🙂

  2. love what you did here, the magician’s fingers and wizard’s nose… beautifully done. i wish there was the possibility of a ‘scented poem’ on here… definitely would love to smell yours.
    well done!

  3. smells wonderful becky…smiles….rather enchanting in you potion making…could easily see someone like my grandmother repeating this as she worked in the kitchen….something her mom taught her but swore to never write down…

    • mmm. a touch of necromancy in the air.. cheers Brian… must be time to record that family recipe

  4. A holiday fragrance gift! Beautifully wrapped in this lovely quatern – I agree with Claudia I was surrounded by those essences as I read!

    • Thanks for your gift of a prompt Gay… this form has so much potential and I don’t recall having see one before.

  5. Incredible the way you have blended words to act just like a calming herbal cure. Great work!

  6. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Sensuous, delightful Becky.

  7. Becky, I really savored the scent-uality of this poem… A wonderfully evocative quatern.

    • I’d never come cross quaterns before, Mary, so enjoyed the challenge. Thanks for your comments.

  8. Kelvin S.M. permalink

    ..a most interesting read… your Quatern is more than experimentive… and gives many a careful references… loved it… smiles..

  9. I imagine fun for you to use those words you had in your mind for awhile, waiting for the right prompt…nicely done 😉

  10. wow, this is delicious. not a wasted word, truly alchemic.

  11. This is lovely, Becky, what a great subject to write a quatern about 🙂

  12. Thanks everyone.. yep, lots of fun with the form.. as to whether it’s a good poem, not so sure.

  13. fun pic and lavish poem to accompany it.

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