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Mother’s Day 2020

April 5, 2020



Coronavirus seeps through thoughts
and plans; and on this sunny day, she’s
wearing a halo of daisies. Another

bulletin: social distance, pub closures,
empty food aisles, more hand washing.
So she cycles the towpath, a yellow

scarf unfurling in her wake. Allow space –
yearning for a hug, a handshake, a joke
shared on the same breath. Later, Apps

work their magic and images spring up,
bring us closer around this worrying
world. Sun warms forsythia, draws May

blossom and a blur of fresh green on the
weeping willow. Further on, swans are
canoodling, making neck hearts, teasing

us with their proximity. Mothers Skype
for all we’re worth, exchanging long-distance
love and childhood stories. Present in the

same time; space-walking. Tulips arrive,
messages to spread a picnic glow, al fresco
blessings: safe and well, have sons to miss,

grand children to wonder with, and music
to move to. Abundance in everything that
matters. And when we flick the switch to

normal (if we do), will we remember
the real treasure – and hug it close?

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  1. I wonder … It’s good to be separated from the roar of the real (on top of the virus, my wife and I lost our jobs); your poem is so vibrant with the deeper music of Yes. Thanks for sharing it and hope you’ve been well.

    • Thanks Brendan – so sorry to hear about your circumstances. You’ve been hammered! But I suspect and trust that you will come back strong. I hope you and your wife are now well? I’ve been dodging the virus so far and luckily my career coaching work just continues online. Very lucky! ‘The deeper music of Yes’…. yes indeed. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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