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Branscombe Blue

September 7, 2019



Pebbles make it hard going; grind, chink
and chime beneath our feet. It’s blazing;
our shoulders bare to this late summer

gift of a day. Drawn to the furthest stack,
we trudge on, eyes alive to gulls and buttery
cliffs. We bear trickles of sweat, marbled,

long for sight of a seal, or dolphin; a rare
sea-bird. Yet after all, we’re not disappointed
to draw a blank, and sink onto this shingle

bed. We’ll sky gaze, wallow in warm stones,
and curve our eyes to a bare-faced sky.

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  1. fiona permalink

    Lovely Becky! Felt as if I was there…
    Did much the same on a tumble down dry stone wall today…
    If you are ever in the Lakes please come and stay or come for lunch or something.

    • Ah thanks Fiona! Such a treat to stop and sky gaze 🙂 Thanks for the offer & I’ll definitely let you know if I’m up in the Lakes – same if you’re down near Exeter!

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