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March 30, 2019



You made me –

stitched summer cotton, edged
with scarlet bias binding – every
inch a love song.

Baked strawberry plate-cake,
sugar-sprinkled, oozing
July sweetness.

Bought my first red shoes,
shared the skipping joy
of standing out.

After bed-time, sewed tiny
cushions, curtains – secret
Christmas stash. Home.

Wrapped me round with
belief that, yes, all would
again be well, despite

transgressions. Shouted
wings for my feet the year
I found I could hurdle, run,

jump, win. You knew.
Showed me paper patterns –
Style and Butterick –

to fashion colours, cuts
and flair to raise the roof.
Composed a laughing

score for childhood, teens
and dreams beyond those
level fenland fields.

You blew the air I breathed
big, widened skies, hope and
futures. Set my sails.

You also made me buckle one
stark morning. Lost without you.

You’d made me rise, complete
the pattern, taste each gorgeous
mouthful, sweet, sharp, warm.

You made me


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  1. elaine wolfenden permalink

    That’s just lovely . Heartwarming and gentle. X

    Elaine Sent from my iPhone

  2. Ann Allcoat permalink

    Love this Becky – took me right back to childhood years in Fenland

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