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Ice Helmets and Periwinkles

February 6, 2017


Living within the sky – a crystal
high to steal your breath

Winter wraps a granite cloud
around us – freezing fog, like chain-
mail upon our sun-starved skin.

It bruises brave new worlds with
nay-saying nudges and tethers infant
fizz in blank inertia. Within this

blanket sky is muffled push and daily
trudge. Pressing down; an ice helmet.

Yet, between two breaths (we’re
nearly home) a chink of blue – crystal
high to sigh towards. Breathing sky

is chameleon – so now the fifty shades
are rainbow blue. Periwinkles stud
the bank – lapis winks between clods

and icy grass. Through January mist,
we’re breathing sky. Miraculous.




Image courtesy of Professor Bop (Flickr)

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