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Tess in the Tropics

May 6, 2015


In the land of love and drowning Tess
will die. So it’s written – in speckled cone
shells, hemming Sugar Bay. She’s turning

to the wrong man, a bad plan with off-key
chemistry and a blink at her tumbling world.

In the land of love and drowning she’s flagging
passing schooners, sail-fish leaping her heart,
splashing that cotton white gown with sea salt.

It crusts and damps her down, but not nearly
enough – she’s clinging to smart Alec. Not waving.
She’s jetsom. And far from Wessex vales, she’s drowning.


Apologies to Hardy’s iconic ‘Tess of the D’Urbevilles’ and the wonderfully imaginative ‘Land of Love and Drowning’ by Tiphanie Yanique – both rich and inspiring novels, colliding here.


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  1. Jody J Ballard permalink

    Your work is inspired. Thank you. Do you visit UAE? Jody >

    • Hi Jody – thank you for reading – happy to hear it was worth your while! No, I’m working in the UK now… but will probably make a visit one of these days 🙂

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