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January 20, 2015


A watery flip
has my synapses

Tulips are growing
from the sky –
a crimson sunset.


The tell-tale ripple
(not totally red-herring)

a Yogic headstand, cavorts
like Wittgenstein-


Tulips anew.


These lines are written for the Poetics prompt from Mary King @dVersePoets The prompt is to write to one of the photo-images by Totomai Martinez. Follow this link for more of Totomai’s images:

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  1. ha. some really cool touches in this becky…starting with synapses fizzing, turning the world upside down so tulips are growing there…pendulous…ha cool word…
    breathing in the refresh…in the revelation….hopefully not too much a red herring…

    • haha – not totally! Loved Totomai’s image – I’m a sucker for the double-take. Thanks for reading..

  2. A field of tulips is indeed beautiful…definitely something refreshing and renewing….I do know the picture of Totomai’s that you read to. A nice poem to go along with the photo.

  3. haha… tulips doing a bit of yoga… i like how a different view turns the world upside down a bit and gives us totally new perspectives… cool piece – and good to see you becky!!

    • Nice to be doing some linguistic acrobatics again Claudia.. and reading all the great interpretations of Totomai’s pics…

  4. Wonderful interpretation – and doing tulip yoga is quite interesting, it will be a wonderful night at the bar with so many pictures to choose from.

  5. I liked the image of tulip growing from the sky into a sunset, Becky. Seeing all the tulips in bloom in the Netherlands is something I want to do.

  6. Love that tulip perspective (and picture too) while doing yoga ~ Lovely to read you again Becky ~

  7. “a crimson sunset…..Pendulous…….” wonderful writing!

  8. that would be something… i think of my 2 year old grand daughter who likes to bend over and see the world upside down… LOL

  9. i was really amazed by the reflection that’s why i took the photo.

    i like the yoga metaphor you have used. i may never experience it but i am tempred to try to see the world differently 🙂

  10. Love the flip, the crimson sunset. This was a fun read, and left me thinking of a different way to view the world. Nice.

  11. Love it, Becky…I agree with what everyone else has said here, the fizzing, the yoga

  12. Becky–I’m smiling–both because of your poem and because you’re here! While reading, I just had to scroll up a couple of times to experience your writing in its visual counterpart.

  13. a yogic headstand – very cool imagery… the crimson sunset of tulips growing in the sky is wonderful as well…

  14. Yes, trip the familiar into a new sifght!. Thank God for including reflection in water as part of the world. ANd bless you, poet, for finding the words to delight in it.

  15. What a fun poem to go with the photo! Cheers!

  16. It is a lovely perspective! Tulips doing yoga is definitely a unique way of looking at it. Excellent selection of photo.

  17. “Tulips growing from the Sky”—it would be fun to see that happens… sigh… Liked the photo you picked & the words that go with it… lovely!

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