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Dawn by Any Other Name

December 30, 2014


Enough light to silver tentative steps
in the gap before day; to move
forward again. Sotto Voce.

Early birds try a few fractured notes, clearing
a space for colours to come to themselves –
grow richer, more treble.

Startled doves flicker the pane: this silver hour
cupped in the hush of their busy wings,
scattering stars and night tales

as they climb. Time now to salute the sun –
a provisional trill, flexing chords
to swelling a capella.


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  1. Hey Becky, i like way the phrasing allows living moments
    and the way that your returning to this aspect comes across as valiant.

    ….allowing colors to come to themselves…
    a swelling a capella.

    Tremendous work this.

    • Hey Daniel… that’s a wonderful comment – thank you. I hoped there would be some of that ‘valiance’ (as you call it) present and that it would be amplified at the end.

      Thanks for reading – very good to be sharing words again..

  2. The way you have carried that off is very fine…. subtle but present, so yeah i admire the heck out of it. Nice to be sharing words again, yes.

  3. what a gentle way to exit…

  4. gouachepoetry permalink

    I’m glad to find this space preserved, Becky. This poem is as pure and lush as the sunrise. Beautiful, and makes you want to sink back into that early morning time when everything seems as possibility and renewal. Fresh, but also full of all the choices we have and where they can lead. Have always admired your command (surety) with language and how you can make words -like paintings- awaken some sense of things. Great stuff.


    • Hello Em – wonderful to hear your comments and to find you here again. You so often manage to identify themes that are alive in the poem but which were not my conscious focus, so I love to read your responses and wonder at the mystery of writing!

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