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November 6, 2014


Ending or beginning?

Lines of demarcation, far more slippery
than you’d think – wriggling away
from a clean edge. Preferring a smudgy

wiggle – sometimes a shadow, sometimes
a blaze of light. Crazy paving cracking in hazy
radius – mosaic laughs in the face

of black and white checker-square
landscape. Frayed edges, defying
sharp and set-square straight.

Ragged with delight.

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  1. Thanks to fellow blogger at for sowing a seed….

  2. Jody J Ballard permalink

    I love this. I read it aloud to appreciate the rhythm. My son put it to music. Nice! Thank you. Jody

    Jody J Ballard, LCPC Certified Professional Wellness Coach +971 055 288 1255

  3. What a wonderful idea to write about edges.. and yes I love the irregularity much more than the clean-cut even thing we tend to do.. so much you can thinking about edges…

    • Ah thanks Bjorn… I think most writers, especially poets perhaps, are drawn to the irregular, the slightly chaotic, unpredictable.. and then shape it into something 🙂 Great to see you here – thanks for the visit!

  4. smiles…much more a mosaic than a clear delineation…our boundaries we create are funny…as if…do you know that they used to leave one corner of prayer rugs frayed and unfinished to allow the spirit in…smiles.

    • …I didn’t know that, but yes.. like the thinking. Thanks for reading Brian, I always enjoy your comments…

  5. you know… i kinda love frayed edges and space that leaves a bit space and is not too clearly defined… welcome back becky… good to be reading you again…

    • Thanks good to be writing again after a long break. And I’m with you on the fraying…. 😉

  6. Lovely to see you writing again, Becky… The light/white/delight rhyme that permeates the piece seems to really hold it together aurally. The exploration of edges on literal and figurative levels is engaging, too.

    • Thanks Luke! It’s good to be writing and this was a gift of an idea sparked from another blogger (a photographer) who was talking about different kinds of lines…but of course it headed off in unforeseen directions. Interesting that the aural elements were strong for you – the rhyme running through was unconsciously done – interesting!

      Thanks for the visit and I look for to reading yours before too long…

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