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Adrift in Paradise

June 23, 2014


Finally, it’s Tresco – a splash of sparkling
granite in the impossibly green Atlantic.

Crossing the ringing pebbles, our eyes hungry,
hearts tender with loss, we scan the silvered
coast, paddle the Gulf Stream –

++++You are seeking her (or her) while I’m forgetting him
++++Yet she is here: a living shade, still quick and holding sway.

Climbing upwards, we gaze out to the open sea
(islands strung glittering to the mainland)
looking for seals, for light and solace. Breathless.

++++And you are seeking her (or her) while I’m forgetting him
++++But she is here, a beating shade, still flickering, relentless.

It was here, your place, hers, a white-sand strand
long with longing and still beautiful. We savour
the cool May breeze and talk of then refracting now.

Tresco sands in our pockets – a beach to linger,
to keep for later, to taste and turn around in memory –
yes, we are here, but there pulls us, then tugs us.

++++And you are seeking her (or her) while I’m forgetting him
++++But she beats here, prevailing still, between our tingling palms.

Special thanks to Jeff Sharp for the photo and much else besides.


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  1. Sue permalink

    We went to Tresco last year and I went as a child.We cycled round it, I remember the fascia hedges. I love the Scillies

  2. Lovely Becky – a soulful reflection …..

  3. This is a really polished piece Becky. The format, the repetition, the choice of words’ all gliding effortlessly together on the page. What comes through most with the piece for me is recognition and acceptance of the situation. The fact that it’s set in such a beautiful place makes it all the more poignant. You’re on sparkling form my lovely!

    • Thanks Carys! Really pleased to hear your comments on the flow and linguistic choices. And yes, acceptance and acknowledgment.. glad that comes through. The Scillies are incredibly beautiful and undoubtedly a significant part of the experience. See you soon 🙂

  4. i really like the near refrain/and variations….and sometimes as much as we want to hold onto the serenity of here and now, there and then def pull us away….sounds like a wonderful place…would love to find it…

  5. Thanks brian! I love what you find in this one and yes.. wonder, serenity, acceptance and the natural beauty.. unspoilt and magical. Finding the place… interesting!

  6. Powerful, one feels the couple in the present, each being pulled back in memory, while trying to remain present. Wonderfully done.

  7. i can hear the wind and waves between the lines – the pull felt and not easy to deal with it – the knowing helps and i love the reflective acceptance… good to see you becky

  8. Beauty and loss always seem bound together somehow. Lovely poem.

  9. Yes, this is very well penned, Becky. I feel the one trying to forget and the other trying to remember. There are often other people involved in a relationship than the two who are interacting in the present. Your poem is a good reminder of that.

  10. I enjoyed this poem, Becky. Your evocation of nature, the growing relationship and how one reflects on the other. I have never been to Cornwall but I believe it is a beautiful place.

  11. scotthastiepoet permalink

    Interesting and inventive work Becky – my first time here, I think and I will be back for more… With Best Wishes Scott

  12. Your words caught me as you showed me two people standing in one beautiful space and place, powering a pendulum swing with two different, yet powerful focus channels across Tresco’s landscape.

    It all left me with a yet another perspective of beauty – etched by that pendulum’s point, its metal texturing slanted etched lines. This is the visual I will think of anytime I encounter the word or space of Tresco.


  13. Becky, I have missed your poetry and most helpful critique. Ergo, I signed up for your blog–something I do rarely because I get so many e-mails. One of the things that made this so good for me was the refrain, the questioning.

    • Thanks so much for re-connecting Victoria.. and for following.. very much appreciated. It’s been a bit quiet for poetry in my life recently, so hope to feel creativity growing strong again…

  14. So nice to have a place like this .. I especially like the sand.. I love to find sand in my pockets as a reminder of what could have been…

  15. Magical…beautiful poem!

  16. This is just lovely, so poignant and honest… the refrain breaks my heart a little, even as my mind acknowledges its truth.

  17. i wonder if we’re ever content

  18. Becky,
    This is so beautifully composed, balanced, paced…and the taut back and for between the here and then…such polished writing. I love the voice and the vocabulary.
    Steve K.

    • Thanks Steve, very happy to hear your response.. it’s very much appreciated.

      I enjoyed reading yours today.. the idea of perpetual and permanent movement. This one is actually another variation of that – time past, time present, time future..all mingle, bounce back and forth. A constant shift and adjustment.

  19. Brendan permalink

    Hi again — the tides here — great and small, within and without — nail the loves to a wandering cross, somewhat together, vastly apart, drawn by a desire that has its former occupants, ebbed by history, replenished by love. All over the place, which is a great beach for the moment of love but a hard place to build any lasting residence upon. Such great surrender in the rhythms and rhymes of the poem, windswept and lost on the great stream of its argument. Loved it. Always great to read you.

    • Haha you know a turning tide when you see one Brendan. Thank you so much for your lovely and perceptive comments.. great to know the message is coming through in all its complexities. Also great to see you here.

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