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Verity Undressed

April 14, 2014


She is not what you think –
truth shimmers in her half-light,
winking at you (complicit)

She nestles the scales behind
her bronze haunches – incapable
of equity. Compromised in every way.

She strides, balanced and supported
by her own will and tensed gluteus
maximus – propulsion, pure flexion.

But walk to her north and you will grasp her
other story, her white lie. Verity
is not iconic, nor purely aspirational. No,

she is much less, and far more –
her skin peels in the Devon drizzle
and her sinews strain to breaking point.

Truth is heartbeat and gestation,
the mother of all invention
(absolute absolution awash with sediment)

For Verity is also art and marketing
-the art of shifting shape
and shaping shifts.

We drink her in. We blink.

And she’s gone.





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  1. I gotta say I never really got the appeal of this sculpture (or most of Hirst’s work). I like how “propulsion, pure flexion” rolls off your tongue even if you don’t read it out aloud.

    • Thanks for your comments Tharun – I know Hirst is challenging and controversial and this piece is great to work with. I loved the shifts walking around the sculpture induced – pretty incongruous in a smallish Devon seaside resort.

  2. One for me next time I’m in Devon I think! So much wordplay that I love here Becky.

    • Ha! yes indeed.. I would be very interested to see what you and your camera make of the experience. Hirst invites play, so good to know you enjoyed the word play. Thanks for the visit and the read.

  3. Jody Ballard permalink

    This is amazing. Your substantive talent was ‘undressed’ in this poem. Thank you for sharing. I hope you are compiling a collection. Very provocative and gritty. Jody Jody J. Ballard, LCPC Strategic Wellness Systems, LLC +971 55 288 1255

    • Thanks Jody – great to see you here and to hear your response to this one. I’ve had a few months off writing, so pretty good to be throwing my hat in the ring again.

  4. That was gorgeous.

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