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February 18, 2013


(In Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia)

We spin in the green air,
pierced by his genius for light
and the give of bending stone.

Sun-blazed glass casts verdant
charms over strangers, gaping
silent in the stained shaft.

While stiff pillars arc to a leafy pow-wow
Christ sags in awkward agony
++++++ – a man only

+++++++blanched in the glazed flame
of a Catalan son.


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  1. Becky…superb poetry. You never disappoint.

  2. nice…about the only thing i like about conservative shurch is the stain glass….ha…only human…i imagine the most human moment for the Christ was on that cross…and the moments leading up to it…asking for it to be taken…then crying out for being forsaken..its humbling….nice play on son in hte end as well…smiles.

    • Yeah.. this was such a work of art. Mind-blowing architecture.. Gaudi was way ahead of his time. It was very moving in a way churches aren’t usually…. and I can’t resist a bit of wordplay 🙂

  3. Rich and evocative, Becky.

  4. ooh yes, the curving pillars and light. great poem of an amazing place

  5. a strong sense of space-place hangs on the stained glass spread of solid reflection . . . i can almost sneeze from the particle spread, as they shift in sequence thru the light beams like roostless micro-swallows . . . teamed with the pic, this really executes and illuminates a certain area i would love to see for myself, although youprovide a window for me to sneak-peak for now . . . cheers ears ! 🙂

  6. so cool…i’ve been there last year in june and i was just breathless about the architecture…the play of light…he was a genius and he died in such a sad way…loved it becky

    • …i mean gaudi..

      • yeah.. he died too soon… wonder what he would have been building if he’d been here. Spectacular and moving place Claudia.. would have been great to see you there.

  7. yes, illumination of light and word, style and grace, inner as outer, and you lighting this candle

  8. this…

    Christ sagged in awkward agony
    – a man only

    blanched in the glazed flame
    of a Catalan son.

    whew. You done it again.

    • It was an amazingly striking icon – that particular Christ was a broken man. Your response means I passed some of that meaning on… I’m happy with that. Thanks Luke.

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