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February 6, 2013


For six euro I could light
candles to countless saints
and the implacable Black Madonna
++++++ – Mare de Deu de Montserrat

Along side chapels, saintly
gewgaws glimmer with carousel-thick
paint and (a friendly nudge)
++++++this chapel is for prayer only

Feet lead inexorably to a plunging
vault (confirming where we’re headed)
and on high, rows of dampening roof bosses
++++++ – Jesus, sadly, on his uppers

But in the choir (cor, coro)
a chivalrous shush of
smooth-rubbed misericords where
++++++ escutcheons blazon Jaume de Luxembourg

Outside, the evening fills with a lone
fiddler swiping curlicues to bounce
the Gothic stonework

++++++ and minims
++++++ flex
++++++ the sky


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  1. Love the multilingual touch. Great imagery and use of language. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can see and hear everything thanks to your wonderfully descriptive words – and I didn’t have to pay 6 Euro either

  3. nice…you take a gentle pen to the scene…particularly like the fiddler there in the end…its a peace i feel there….in leaving the altar and hopefully my cares a bit behind …its pleasant to come out to that….smiles.

    • Good to hear that Brian, the contrast was very much felt. Thanks for dropping in.. always appreciate it.

  4. This chapel is for prayer only? And they didn’t let you stop for that?

    Was drawn in by your words and images, and have always wanted to savor the feeling of sacred space in such places. I would have been annoyed to be nudged!

    • I’m glad you feel a little of the disjuncts I was trying to capture.. was a beautiful and simple relief to let the music lift me away..

  5. oh i love it well painted on the atmosphere…a lone
    fiddler swiping curlicues to bounce
    the Gothic stonework….love it…

  6. but would you pay to light those candles???

    Initiated Kiss

  7. It is always a privilege to read your work. I sent your copies of Signal from Static today :)!

    • Oh Anna – you just made my day! Thanks for the comment, I value that very much… and so looking forward to holding my copy of Signal from Static (great title btw)

  8. minims flex the sky… you and words… christ almighty

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