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December 29, 2012



Your glance too quick
and I too slow –
+++++++++++++++++you saw.

Impress of misplaced death
sealed behind your eyes.

This memory bobs in chuckled
wonder – tepid fur
afloat our clear-skied days.

How did he miss his footing?
Was he pushed, or tempted
to a midnight swim – escaping?

Each day, in the wind rustle
we glimpse his shade, slipping
across the track, atop a stone

fixing his gaze to ours, pressing
attention for nuts or seeds,
see me

And summers later, you’ll turn,
a bubble rising

do you remember
the chipmunk

+++++++++++++++++f l o a t i n g?


Linking to the first dVerse Poets Open Link Night for 2013 for another weekly tour of great poetry around the world

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  1. oh dang…so he drowned…thats a bit sad…i love to watch them…and squirrels playing in our trees…they def dont know how to cross a road though…i see their little stiff flat carcasses…and interesting ponder after them…i wonder would another munk be nasty enough to push them out…geez….smiles.

    • ah Brian.. so you’re really an undercover FBI agent? Love how you dived into the whodunnits.. 🙂

  2. ahhh, poor guy — such a view will burn into memory. Your words float. This must be an old memory as I don’t imagine you’ve got chipmunks over there on the hot beaches.

  3. Hey Becky

    Happy New Year! 😀

    I’m loving that Brian is narrowing down the suspect list . . .
    A munk whodunnit? . . . My money is on Chip . . .
    Or fish! 😀

    it really does have that crime scene quality though,
    makes me think of when you see a discarded/lost item of a child’s clothing
    in a puddle . . . Abandoned

    . Great stuff Becky 🙂

    • Great that you see the scene of the crime.. important that. Freeze-frame.. then years later, something triggers the surfacing.

      Must be someone who didn’t like their singing.. 🙂

  4. oh my …so sad….they’re def. not good swimmers…a really felt write becky

  5. stuartmcphersonpoet permalink

    love the perspectives in this, the other voices (do you see him, you saw)…the chipmunk could of course refer to anyone, a child, a soldier…or just a chipmunk!…but either way you create a poem, delicately written, that deals with a tough subject…and i really like the return in the close- great to be reading our work again…its been a while!

  6. I love the workings of memory here – odd what sticks and then floats to the surface. k.

    • Yep, memories…you can’t keep them down.. but what makes them rise to the surface? Thanks, K, good to hear what you saw as central.. the idea of memory is where it all started.

  7. This is sad. I see this literally, as my brother and sister in law have a built in pool, and have fished many a frisky little chipmunk out of it to save from drowning. Can imagine this as metaphor for so much more also. Well penned, Becky. Happy new year to you!

    • Yes, undeniably sad. And yes a way of exploring memory. Thanks for your good wishes Ginny – same to you!

  8. it’s the (beady) that really got me. ugh

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