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C R U M P !

December 9, 2012


it was the smack of the briny
as I stepped from the car
that signalled
+++++++++++++++++surf’s UP

morning air cracked like
a new flag, buffeting
+++++++++++++++++rollers’ CRUMP

Guzzling eyes, lured,
bare feet sucked
to shoreline



+++++++++++++++++S I Z Z L E

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  1. what fun!!!

  2. I am fascinated with the format of words and sounds …cheers loudly ~

  3. I was thinking of using the exact same words that edhart7 used. Sigh. It does sound like fun. I love your word choices. I could really ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the waves you described… Makes me want to surf.

  4. ha it is very fun…love the ceative sounds….cool visuals as well becky…would love to be at the beach…even in the cold of now…smiles…

  5. #thetotesexperience . . . sights and sounds:
    love Crump! what a word and the way you let it roll
    and rock for that matter . . . i can still hear Duval
    asking/shouting, “Surf or Fight?” but thats just a flashback to NAM . . .
    i will ride the wave to bed: good morning becky 🙂

    • Yeah.. not going to forget your NAM-etic adaptation Arron.. was a work of art .. Good morning matey

  6. oh nice…now i wanna go to the ocean…love the sounds and images..

  7. the crack of the flag and all the other sounds were delightful in this morning walk!

    • so, is this poetry Sabio?

      • Yes indeed — if that is what you want it to be. I don’t care what the label is, I care what it does. I leave the haughty elitists to tell us what is good, bad and real — and ignore them.

        I liked this. You push my images deeper.

  8. Wow that was a great exercise in the use of sound to bring the atmosphere. It cascades and pushes and SIZZLE is the perfect ending. I’m not sure much else could have stopped that train. It needed to be doused in water.

  9. Oh my blogs back upo and functioning, btw… I posted the homeless poem. I rewrote some of the middle – I wonder what you think?

  10. really a fun piece. Love the balance between the two varied styles in here. Great read. Thanks

  11. Wonderful sound (and memories) in this for me, Becky.

  12. great sounds, great form, great write. Loved the walk down such a beautiful beach.

  13. Thanks for the critique, Becky. I’m glad to know you’re open to it…yours has always been so valuable.

  14. I spend at least a week at the ocean every year. Your poem gave me a wee bit more of that. Thank yoU!

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