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December 2, 2012


was pro
++++++life –

in Diwali, dancing lights,
she carried new life, wanted
her days to beat on

in this European country
in this twenty-first century
she expected her life
to run full-term

but despite the flame of civilization
burning bright in the Emerald Isle
and because
++++++This is a Catholic Country,
pro-life, in fact
was fatal


and by candle-light from Galway to
Bombay, societies


++++++I Have a Heartbeat Too

I Had a Heartbeat Too



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  1. Oh, this is sad… very, very sad. And it makes me angry too.

  2. ugh…hard…sad that her life had to be lost because it was dictated it must be that way…a state sponsored killing…

  3. my heart is breaking reading this… she had a heart beat too… just not right.

  4. I watched ‘The Devils’ this week (ken russell): i loved it, and it is way out there (although a true story, i dont think historical accuracy and factual correctness were high on kens ‘to-do’ list) but the nature of some of the catholic practices of the past and their underlying psychological underpinnings are captured with a shape of fierce and frightening intensity.

    Religion . . . go figure!!!

    great piece becky 🙂

  5. Such a powerful indictment, Becky. You know how to make a point in few, well-chosen words.

  6. powerfully penned becky…so unbelievably sad and i agree with victoria, you make a point in few words

  7. Wow, how sad is this. And again, all over religious beliefs. Only God can judge us, and man shouldn’t dictate what a person is or isn’t allowed to choose for survival.

  8. Thanks everyone for leaving your thoughts about this tragic event.

  9. A wonderfully powerful poem about a terrible event. It is just maddening. You handle it so beautifully. The end especially strong. Agh, it is heart breaking. k.

  10. this is such a wonderful tribute to Savitha.. She was a friend of my friend’s .. and this incident truly made me angry at such senseless rules…

    • Thanks so much for reading and leaving your comment Vidyatiru.. your connection to Savitha makes this tragic situation part of your personal life. I felt compelled to write.. as a stranger.. about such an unnecessary death. Please let your friend know that strangers around the world are also feeling the tragedy of her death.

  11. A desperately sad state of affairs. Bigotry rules O.K. Ably and beautifully told.

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