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Arcing the Covenant

September 21, 2012

Along the drizzly high street
our hips press and bump like familiars,
glancing sub-textual sway.

In the surly damp crowd we peel
you cross the street, heat thinning
like stretched gum
between us.

Onward we bob through the flat crush –
isles of light, Coldplay Yellow,
blinking across indifferent tidal
++++++++encrypted stanzas
+++++++++++ almost audible
++++++++++++++ barely visible.

Wan faces sniff the trace sizzling
the turbid breeze, looping

the chasm, which
is no gap

++++++at all.


Linking to the Tuesday night round the world poetry read that is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub

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  1. Ah, a very sweet love poem – it is so vivid – I especially liked the “subtextual sway” and the bump of hips like familiars. And of course the scent left in the air.

    Great title here too.

    If you are interested – and honestly when I checked it I see that picture is a bit hard to read – I did a Michelangelo/Sistene chapel with elephant – But I should have cropped–it’s a bit hard to see the little elephant. Thanks, k.

    • ha! Like your addition to the Sistine chapel, K ๐Ÿ™‚

      Great to hear your comments – thank you!

      • Thanks – I did a whole series of Art With Elephants, and Movies with Elephants. Sometimes I’ll try to repost or popularize more, some sort of cute. k.

  2. PS – scent like electricity.

  3. to the truth of that, any who stand ‘gapless’ in the province of your heart, are some large multiple of worthy

  4. The stretching gum nailed this one for me…so many images come to mind…it’s been a while since my last visit…ALMOST forgot how awesome you are at waving that word wand! This is fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow! Dynamic, complex, sensual. There is so much in so few words. Subtext isn’t really sub…this is a favorite. Nice job.

  6. The energy here is alive and private at the same time. Wonderful work

  7. I feel the tension in this one. Well done!

  8. our hips press and bump like familiars…love that line. Lovely piece!

  9. I commented before – still really like this poem. k.

  10. Morning everyone… great to wake up to your lovely comments. Thank you!

  11. Chasm and sub-textual…cool. I like. Thanks.

  12. nice….i love it…love the heat and intimacy in thoat opening….peeling apart and the heat stretching across the street…..mmmm…some nice feel to this…ha…and nice closure becky…and good morning…

    • ..and good evening to you Brian…. still enjoying yesterday over there? Thanks for your comments.. you picked up on all the places this one came from ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I still want to put it in my mouth but that’s likely rude :). Alive and marvelous.

  14. I really enjoyed this! The sounds and the sights! And loved the placement of the words, which really helped convey the message.

  15. Well, there’s not much left to say after all the other comments. What I liked most is that although physically apart, they are still very much together.

  16. subtextual sway…hmmm…nice bit of heat in this one..and the chasm which is no gap at all..nice!!

  17. Great images ! Lovely write.

  18. your poetry positively radiates life and colour and up-beat notions of human experience . . .

    is that a becky kilsby leaf in my pocket . . . perhaps her book is one short . . .

    thanks becky ๐Ÿ™‚

    • …no, self-renewing, Arron… never short of a leaf ๐Ÿ™‚

      I love your comment – thanks so much.

  19. A torrid love poem full of a sense of a sort of elastic connection between the protagonists (I love ‘stretched gum’). Form serves content so well here.

  20. visual and tasty poetry.


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