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August 23, 2012

Dip your fingers, sleek and swift, into
this bluish-lustred
ginger jar

The thought glows – irresistible
as the urge to leap guard rails,
+++surfing the buoyant updraft
before the smash.

Even if you melt, cushioned,
into the pale embrasure
of the sun-stoked window seat,

softening your gaze
on blonde-carved panels or its muted
peacock frieze,

the blanched purity of The White Drawing Room
cannot save you

for the tang is zest
on your tongue
and the lid
will not


Hoping to add a tang to the poetry on offer at today’s dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night:

See you there..

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  1. not a speck of dust

  2. Very much appreciated, Luke

  3. such beautiful language Becky… fourth stanza is a stunner, and the ending has a nice kick 🙂

  4. Fabulous piece, Becky. I love S2 and the final image in particular–and I think as a pair, now that I focus on them. The lines between add great and needed layers and textures, but my eyes keep bouncing back between those two.

    • Great to hear about that bounce Julie… choices, choices.. Thanks for reading and letting me know how you felt about this one.

  5. for the tang is zest
    on your tongue
    and the lid
    will not
    back….love this becky…and smiling at luke’s comment…smiles

    • haha… I know Claudia.. he never misses a trick 🙂

      Thank you, as ever, for taking the time.. dVerse is such an adventure.

  6. My tongue is surely rung, I hope it goes back as I don’t want to pop a lung haha, great verse.

  7. Beautiful write!

  8. Mmmm, delicious, Becky…very zesty! Love it! 🙂

  9. hedgewitch permalink

    Desire comes in many colors, but perhaps not often in white–love the gingery taste on the tongue here, Becky. And I can almost smell those lovely oriental lilies in the painting–suits the poem’s opulence perfectly.

    • Thanks, Joy… yes, the white.. it was actually inspired by an Arts & Crafts house I visited in the UK this summer.. the White Drawing Room.. seemingly so placid. Happy also that you found the image a good fit… the lilies worked for me!

  10. ha i really like your closure on this and the lid not going back on….that is a good thing right…smiles…..i swear i read this earlier in the week but dont see my comment….def a nice write becky!

    • ‘that is a good thing right’ ? … probably… mostly… 🙂

      haha… sounds like it was in your dream life, Brian.. I have one of those too 🙂 Thanks for your visit my friend

  11. You always suprise with the freshness of your language: such beauty and artistry. This is a new favorite (maybe they’re all favorites :))! I was immediately swirling in the vortex of your imagination, loving the sense of being spun about.

    • Anna! Lovely to see you back… swirling, or no, you’re always an honoured guest.. 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful comments.

  12. The last stanza holds the full body of staying in the now – keeping the thrill of living alive – and proves it can be felt from the elegant window seat in a drawing room. Gorgeous.

  13. surfing the buoyant updraft
    before the smash.

    immaculately conceived

    (said the Donkey, with a look of ass admiration)

    dont even know what that means!

    but this is pretty spotless
    (said Dick
    as he poured the custard 😉

  14. Very cool poem – you pull us right into the updraft. k.

  15. Becky…what was delicious to me was the feel of these words in my mouth…you’ve mastered the art of sound in this one. Think I’ll go make some lemon ginger tea now.

    • Love to hear how the sounds grabbed you Victoria… and I love ginger (in case you couldn’t tell)

  16. Becky, very cool poem. 🙂

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