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Shelling Peas

August 18, 2012

In the crunch of a crisp, bright pod
we’re shelling summer peas –

our hands work tandem across
willow pattern blue,
the dint of one or two
muffling into mint green layers

It was a chore – a hyphen between
comic daze and rolling wheat horizons,
the sky a flapping canopy
for six free-wheeling weeks

This summer rite, like ice pops,
cut through
parching combine dust

interrupted white-sock summer legs
french skipping perfection

and voices bellowing
+++++ let all the children boogie

Late afternoons, thumbing pale globes was
a shady interlude, unlooked for,

A snap-glazed moment –
companionable fingers layering
mint green childhood

fresh again
in the crunch
of a crisp, bright pod

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  1. how wonderful…i eat ’em as i go…you find snap-glazed moments all across life’s great green garden

  2. so you do ed…

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Perfect summer poem. Thank you.

  4. ha i have shelled quite a few in my day….that and snapped beans…..lots of that growing up…i like it as a hyphen as well…smiles….summers feel like that at times surely…

  5. Had nearly forgotten this was a family activity. Thanks for the lovely flash from the past. From the days when we (parents, kids) were as comfortable together as peaas in a — well you know!

    • I know! Great to hear this stirred some scenes from your past.. that’s very rewarding to hear.

  6. I still remember that crisp smell from snap peas mother would put on the porch with us kids to shell….. That must have been 45 years ago….. Laurie, you are one heck of a writer to bring those memories back……! Dad kept peppermint plants along the edge of that porch that I can still remember smelling and chewing on its leaves….. What an intense memory! Thank you….. Sometimes we would use oversized straws as pea-shooters and chase each other around the perimeter of the house…. Mother didn’t appreciate us expending her peas as amunition…. in retrospect I wonder why there were’nt thousands of pea plants growing around our house……

  7. ooops….. not Laurie…. that was our next door neighbor kid! OMG!…… I am trapped in 1966!

    • haha… no worries, John… the power of memories recollected eh? Thanks for your wonderful response.. so glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Very pretty poem. K.

  9. oh nice…you took me right there…we used to help grandma with desterning currants…beautiful summer memories

  10. Delightful – as fresh and crisp as those peas!

  11. The neat thing about this poem is that it lends itself well to all the senses – touch, taste, sound, sight, smell – and so redolent of summer.

  12. Thanks so much K, Claudia, Dick and Samuel.. delighted you took time to leave me your responses. Thanks you all 🙂

  13. Lovely summer poem !

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