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Wasted on the young

July 23, 2012

late afternoon
the girls come, lounging easy
in their youth – flexing
arms and hips,

pliant heads dip ardent
over iPhones, intent
on elsewhere.

glib, unaware
of potential skin kink
and muscle-tone treachery –

it lurks round the corner
when youth hoves into focus
for the first time

– A Retrospective.

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  1. well ain’t that the pits?

  2. dip over the iphones intent on elsewhere…oy…as the world passes and def the energy is wasted on the young who yet appreciate it….smiles…

  3. little bitches… 😀

  4. Hey I missed this one somehow… great take on ageing… we should celebrate it in some ways.. hehe.. incisive, acerbic… amusing.

  5. Thanks, Arron.. can always rely on you 🙂

    And Luke.. you did.. and are you celebrating? It’s a thorny issue I think.. especially given the prevailing (western) cultural rush to deny the actual effects of ageing.

  6. Alas, so true…

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