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Jazz-Ambush (Cohen & Gershwin on the Borders)

July 1, 2012

I went in search of thought,
cerebral confetti

but in broad daylight

She, shouldering
incantation – spinning
with one slim harpist’s hand

He, bass-embraced
eyes squeezed
dance stepping

Together, looping grappling irons across thin space
breaking skin,
ion channels gashed by tight-rope
H a l l e l u j a h

ripping wide
with deft-blur fingers


Linking to another great Poetics prompt: buttons ~ music presses mine!


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  1. Cerebral confetti… Love that, and mixed in with the jazz for extra cool.

  2. Full of beat and flavor

  3. oh…music presses my buttons as well…and you took me right there…i’m humming…smiles

  4. Oh yes, I could feel this one. That thumping bass gets me every time! Very enjoyable read!

  5. nice…music does mine as well…and this would be a fun one to hear…love the rhythm you have as it plays well to music…smiles….

    • Thanks for all your much appreciated comments… I think all poets are musicians, attuned to rhythm, cadence…and readily transported by those who can actually make instruments (other than words) sing

  6. edhart7 permalink

    H a l l e l u j a h, yourself!

  7. The words match the jazz. Well done!

  8. ha! I had strange fruit on reading this, made for a groovy counterpoint! Loved it Becky, wish I could have met you last month babe x

    • ah Thanks Shan… next time! You’re going to have a blast at Latitude… turning green! Pray for sun…

  9. I love how the sheer magic overtook thought, music is sneaky that way. Another exquisitely crafted piece from you!

  10. It presses mine, too! And perfect timing for your piece–the last one I have a chance to read from this set before heading off to listen and dance to some jazz by the lake. Now I’ll be singing Summertime all the way there. Thanks, Becky!

  11. This just rolls right off the tongue! Fantastic rhythm, Becky.

  12. This poem reads well that one can almost here the beats and rhythm in the words. Very cool. Nice descriptions on the motion and movements of the two playing the music too.

  13. Wonderfully compressed and stretchy at once. Then snaps back into position. We all smile. K.

  14. Music: just the job! So also, the word combinations you have found – or maybe they found you – here. love them. Most original and suggestive.

  15. Thanks all for your wonderful responses – they are very much appreciated.

  16. i like the contrast here, the bassist versus the harpist, the jazz in broad daylight

    i like how you describe the actions of the harpist as spinning. never thought of it that way, but it is a similar posture and kinesthetic

    3 radio button senryu

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