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in our element

June 26, 2012

your skin has stuck to mine in limpid iteration
inks bleed together (hue and cry)

my skin has flowed to yours in spring melt aqua measure
harpsichord flurries (finger trill)

through sliding doors we’ve dived for coiling iridescence
curled in logarithmic spirals

in bowstrung blue trajectories that resonate, collide
we’re plunging wormholes (quantum)
sleighting time


Ready for another linguistic extravaganza ~ Open Link Night at ~ where poets come to read


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  1. you could be my science teacher till kingdom come, as they say…what glorious spangled banners ignite this page

    • I love the ideas of quantum physics but do not have the patience to actually try to understand them.. this is as far as it goes.. Thanks for your comments, Ed, much appreciated.

  2. ‘through sliding doors we’ve dived for coiling iridescence
    curled in logarithmic spirals
    synchronizing’–> this bit is so fab, Becky! Favourite part of this poem. πŸ™‚

  3. plunging wormholes….smiles…there is a lovely intimacy/sensuality in your words…the melting together…stuck on each other….your trajectories are resonating…smiles.

    • good to hear that Brian.. thanks πŸ™‚

      • smiles…it has been wonderful having you involved at dverse this year and i hope the new year provides us opportunity all the more…smiles.

  4. Apart from the melding of word choice to subject matter, the structure of the thing stands up well reflecting the ideas as they progress… Intimate and sensual.

    • Cheers Brian.. much appreciated.. the form grew from the words as it so often does. Thanks for dropping in…

  5. you know i’m big on this piece – its the ‘orbit piece’ in my head πŸ˜€
    so excited – i got to like and your my 1st wordpress follow…
    i feel like a big boy! YaY!!! πŸ˜€

    • yay Arron… !! honoured I am (Thus spake Yoda).. really.

      the ‘orbit piece’..that’ll do me nicely Thank you πŸ˜€

  6. hedgewitch permalink

    Even more fun to read this again–still love that line ‘sleighting time’ which makes me think of sleight of hand–and the way the color and movement just radiates off the page.

    • Thanks so much Joy… ‘sleighting’ nearly didn’t appear, but as you say, it suggests more than one thing, both important, and in the end it felt right… The meaning you focus on is the most important, yes, couldn’t resist making it a verb.. πŸ™‚

  7. Pretty cool – it’s the sleighting time and hue and cry that most spoke to me. K.

  8. So happy you like ‘hue and cry’… it pressed itself on me! Thanks K..

  9. It seems, to me, sexy in an educated sort of way. Their is a layering that shades in other meanings of course, but it seems a rather coded note between lovers and it’s very effective as such. Language and color make it alluring. Well written!

  10. hmmm…nice bit of heat in this one…love the plunging wormholes and your nod to quantum physics…i like

  11. ” bowstrung blue trajectories that resonate, collide” gorgeous becky!

  12. Simply perfect!

  13. I love these:

    “your skin has stuck to mine in limpid iteration
    inks bleed together”

    “my skin has flowed to yours in spring melt aqua measure”

  14. Thanks Anna and Shawna… lovely to hear your thoughts. Thanks for coming back!

  15. Extravangaza! Great blog theme – what you’ve done with it by the way – simple, clean, great header.

    • Thanks for the comment on the blog… it works pretty well, but I need to think about updating a little πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks everyone who re-visited for the dVerse anniversary trail.. all very much appreciated as always.. it has been a fantastic year and without readers, well, quite a lot of shouting in the dark!

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