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a fair field full of flowers

June 17, 2012

in the corner of the room
glinting basalt eyes, heavy
breath and steamy sinew
lies a unicorn

but solid as a wedge of heated granite,
shifting folded limbs, loosening the whiff
of equine self-sufficiency

and unerringly, an invitation
to inhale peppered hyacinth

played on minstrel strings


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  1. edhart7 permalink

    stunningly beautiful

  2. hypercryptical permalink

    Oh tis beautiful indeed.

    Anna :o]

  3. Thanks Anna, Ed… delighted to hear your responses.

  4. A favorite image entwined with words from one of my favorite poets, what could be better?

  5. Ah, I love the double meaning you have in the word “unbiddable” – implying a beast you cannot make do anything it does not deem it must, and also a tapestry whose value has outstripped a bidder’s grasp. And oh, the words you use – “basalt eyes”, “peppered hyacinth” – all this and your music make this a poem I wish I’d written.

    • Our language is so rich with potential meaning…will we ever get tired of seeking those mutliple allusions? Thanks, Samuel, I take your final comment as the best compliment another poet could give.

  6. nice…i like the softening of this in the second half, after you set up its hardness so well in the first two stanzas…def agree with sam on the use of language it makes this enchanting…love to watch the horses, so chiseled in muscle , esp after a good run…

    • Are we all suckers for unicorns at heart? Thanks Brian… really happy to hear your thoughts… the insubstantial shifting into substantial and back again was at the heart of this, so glad it’s tangible to you..

  7. Beautiful gem of a poem, Becky…great images…”loosening the whiff
    of equine self-sufficiency” and “peppered hyacinth” …love this and its musical quality 🙂

  8. your poems are always so precisely woven..finely textured and every syllable in their perfect place…i like how you paint images becky

  9. Becky – is this from the Cluny Museum in Paris – La Dame de La Licorne – something like that – my favorite museum ever just about, and it’s a lovely poem – this peppered hyacynth so lovely.


    • Thanks, K – I believce these tapestries are actually housed in the Metropolitran Museum of Art in NYC – but are definitely Medieval French in origin… Very happy to hear your response to the piece.. thank you.

  10. I like unicorns, I like those old tapestries, and I very much like your poem.

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