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Earth Day Event? Ski Dubai

May 3, 2012

soon it’ll be snowing
in simulated flurries
to multi-lingual

outside it’s blazing
thirty four degrees
but here, the après ski is frothy chocolate
glowing toasty under patio lamps
in shivery

shrug back the ski togs
and feel the slippery slap of
yes we can

it’s ringing tills
with penguins
on top

– footprints?
– Sno-machined

Welcome to the desert
of the green

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  1. did you see the program on tv the other night about it? it was worlds most fascinating resorts or something like that…it is so cool…pretty awesome looking structure from the outside too…

  2. Yes Brian.. it’s a stunner.. in every way you can, architecture, concept.. but on Earth Day it seemed awesomely profligate.. and that my friend, is the dichotomy of living in Dubai.

    Thanks for reading.. was great to hear your comments.. come and see it for yourself.. sure your kids would love it!

    • oh i bet they would…we are or at one point were the only city in america to have the outdoor, full mountain snow-less ski slope…it uses a velcro material and hundreds of sprinklers….there is one in china too…its pretty crazy cause you can sno board in 80 degree weather with no snow…

  3. ‘it’s ringing tills with penguins on top’…well if that doesn’t speak of opulence then I don’t know what does. I can’t imagine. Do love the way you’ve allowed the reader to decide for themselves how they feel about this situation with the distanced narrator…very effective.

    • Thanks, Emma…’Yes we Can’ was pretty much the cry to arms in Dubai during the boom years. No time, no inclination to think about sustainability….

      I’m really pleased to hear I’ve left you space to form an opinion and orientate yourself. Not planning a trip then?

  4. Amazing. Unbelievable. (I mean I’d heard of it, but your poem makes it very palpable.) Crazy. A friend of mine was just visiting there and sent tons of pics – like another planet (as I’m sure you know.) Very interesting too, I imagine. k.

    • Yes, it does sometimes feel like a parallel universe I must admit.. 🙂

      Glad you felt some of the bizarre.. there’s plenty to be had! Thanks for yoru comments – much appreciated K.

  5. i am obsessed with sno-machined for some reason – lol – this one has become something massive in my mind – matrix and dubai and snow – not forgetting penguins… a real trip into the hyper-real…

    what next – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen ;D

    • Never!

      Have you seen the film? I think Paul Torday must have got his ideas from Dubai… Cheers Arron, I fully expect Dubai to become part of your surreal lexicon…

  6. hypercryptical permalink

    This is fascinating Becky – I must admit to not being aware of Earth Day. Your words flow beautifully.

    Anna :o]

    • Thanks Anna. No, most of Dubai wasn’t aware of it either… 🙂

      Good to see you here and I very much appreciate your comments.

  7. This is one of the advantages and disadvantages of limiting my media intake. I now spend less time balking but more time catching up. There something at the base of this about power that hasn’t changed since the dawn of the great empires. Potent poetry, gave me a ‘slippery slap’ and wondering about that smell (oh, yes, the penguins :)). Where am I again?

    • The penguins… oh yes. Poor little critters…

      Cheers Anna, I agree .. the use and abuse of power.

  8. yes we can….I admire Dubai for having this boldness of imagination…and they are being rewarded for executing it…I too thought you did a great job of letting the reader decide whether this new reality was good or bad or just plan bizarre. being in Dallas or Atlanta airports and seeing packed non-stop flights to Dubai, equally good/bad/bizarre. the new disney land for those who say yes we can. I obviously enjoyed your offering. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your feedback.. I’m so pleased to hear you didn’t feel coerced one way or the other. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself.. 🙂

  9. Brendan permalink

    If there’s any place that will figure out how to make a buck off catastrophe, ’tis surely Dubai. I envision gold-and-diamond-studded skis for sale at the Dubai Macy’s. Fun glide, Gwen. – Brendan

    • Gwen? This you took the wrong turn Brendan.. lol

      Your comments always much appreciated though.. and yes, Armani specials for sure!

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