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Kayak at Baniyas

April 28, 2012

I’d hoped the morning would
hold its breath
and in the hollow
let us drift

a slow glide through mangroves

anticipated hiatus
haloed in the oil of
early light,
drips falling
from a brimming paddle

hadn’t known
in flicker silhouette
would swim the channel
eager for fresh lime shoots

nor that the tonic call of doves
would be returned
– grunt ripples –
by grey Egyptian geese.

beneath the press of day

hadn’t heard
how I clamoured



This one’s having another outing for @dVerse Poets #Meeting the Bar 20.9.12 ‘Solitude’


1.5.12: It’s another dVerse Poets Open Link Night: – great poetry around the world.


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  1. Patsy permalink

    Beautiful – I found that I was indeed holding my breath as I read,and now I want to kayak.

  2. the wonder of clamoring quiet, and floating on the water, lets our roots go deep

  3. You did such an excellent job with this. The picture poetry is stunning.

    • Lovely to see you here! Thank you for your warm comments on this one and for feedback during its development on the board. I hope it’s captured the hiatus…

  4. Thank you for the venues and the injection of renewed enthusiasm, where writing about stuff is concerned, I feel quite hopeful.

    With the picture, this is truly excellent.

    • Lovely to hear of your renewed enthusiasm. FEPC has certainly nurtured my love of poetry and is, for me, an ideal place in which to experiment and breathe.

  5. nice…i used to kayak along the river up in MD…loved the peace it brought wiht no one else around and def gave me the opportunity to just enjoy nature in its fullness….thanks for taking me back there becky…

    • Thanks Brian… I’m wondering what MD is (one of those Maryland-ish places?).. something special about kayaking…none of the panic of sailing. It’s a bit like walking on water…. 🙂

      Happy to hear you had a quiet moment…

      • it is maryland…and even more i appreciate this as it makes me pine for those times again….so peaceful….

  6. You create a gorgeous lyric wonderland through your smooth, dew-kissed language, giving us immense space. Thank you.

  7. there’s wonderful serenity and peacefulness in this…also the breathing in of nature and all the details…wanna grab a kayak now and set out..

    • Yay… kayaking really is so peaceful in this part of the world.. calm waters 🙂 Thanks for your comments, Claudia.

  8. poemsofhateandhope permalink

    So good , such great descriptions, that ‘oilyness’ of the early morning….the quietness of the mangroves…. I can here the water gently lapping…this just took me there….you have this unique style, very delicate , but your your word choices seem so considered, just expertly constructed….very very good indeed

  9. Ohhh…your words are simply breathtaking. I had to read them again and again. And they wowed me each time. Thank you! What a gift!

  10. i love the way this funnels all the way down into silence. perfect.

  11. Even though I’ve just come in from boot camp I want to get back out there and kayak!

    • haha… think the weather might be a touch warmer here, Shan… Great to see you here and thanks for your comments.. 🙂

  12. This poem works! So peaceful, yet lovely little word twists.

  13. haloed oil… you know it

  14. The flow and sound of the words with the line evoke the moment of immersion. Some clever poetry here that doesn’t have to shout

  15. “I’d hoped the morning would
    hold its breath…”

    These opening lines contain its essence; of a yearning for stillness and uninterrupted solitude. It grabbed my attention. And the yearning remains to the “…quiet” ending. A special poem.

  16. Like you, I came to writing poetry late in my life and still get a thrill when I have evidence that what I hoped to say has been received and valued in some way.

    Thanks for taking the time 🙂

  17. Amazing poetry — you captured me. May I ask where the mangroves are? Gazelles (none in PA). I also actually used kayaking as an entry for the prompt. My morning excursion was in a Pennsylvania lake [“PA”]. Enjoy your paddling this fall!

    • Hi Sabio.. this is Baniyas Island, off the shore of Abu Dhabi (UAE). It’s a wildlife reserve/tourist spot and is incredibly quiet and peaceful… I’m a bit of a fair-weather paddler and love warm seas.

      Will be over to read yours now.. thanks for your visit.

      • You live in UAE near that reserve? Warm seas are gorgeous. I love rain, cold and warm — each with its own feeling. I find your poetry a good compromise between the down-to-earth (I get what she is saying) and the abstract, image-allusion-laden stuff. It pushes me. So thank you.

  18. A beautiful, calming reread.

  19. hedgewitch permalink

    Gorgeous, and also clean, sharply focused and excellent writing–you carve out a piece of the nature of solitude, of the nature of what is not-us, as well as who we are. Sorry if that sounds garbled–this is really good, Becky.

  20. Thanks Anna and Joy… very much appreciate your readings. Happy too, Anna, that this stands a return visit.

  21. Becky~
    With skill and finesse, you construct a poem both lovely to read and completely transporting. I now know better a place I’ve never been.

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