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April 27, 2012

a brittle bouncing ricochet
of pearls unstrung, free-falling dash
across Carrera marble, splash

atomic oscillation, spray
self-skittered light, slow motion flight –
how can we now unswirl the day,

re-string the sheen in measured cache
from brittle bouncing ricochet?

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  1. spilling pearls
    life unfurls
    by gone girls
    old time swirls

  2. and twirls… thanks for your lovely comment ed.. 🙂

  3. Again, the poem goes so well with the picture and why should such an elegant poem have such a heart and such a question: ‘how can we now unswirl the day,’

    I love that- when a poem is talking to you in one way and goes on to move you in another.

    • Thank you.. I’m happy to know the emotional narrative works here to develop the aural and visual event. I felt the burst of pearls across a room was so dramatic as to warrant a hint of a story. I’m fascinated by time and the idea of its forward momentum.. how things can change abruptly. Those moments that you know are landmarks, in hindsight are so packed with history.

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