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Femen – you listenin’?

April 22, 2012

breasts bared while still pert
time for kids later

nipples make the point
to gapers in urban Ukraine –
police, paparazzi, patriarchy
all pheromone-pulped.

Mars is riding the Kupidon cusp –
this café reeks of dumplings, Bortsch
and the ash of bras
long burnt.

Oksana, Sasha, Inna
(reading Chekhov in Kiev)
air-pumping fists
wielding flesh

angry flanks billboarding
skin-ink slogans
Naked Truth
to hook the eye and reel in
change –

YouTube-able assets flash
Sylvio , smear Putin,
hassle and stream.


we come,             

             we strip,                       

                       we conquer,


time for kids later


24.4.12 – It’s another dVerse Poets Open Link Night: – great poetry around the world.

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  1. “we come,/we strip,/we conquer,” – absolutely love this ending!

  2. smiles…i love the empowerment and freedom found within this becky….amid all the wonderful textures…great rhythm as usual as well….

  3. a couple of hundred years ago, catching a flash of m’lady’s ankles was a real sharon-stone moment, and female flesh flash exposure sells everything including mufflers and kitchen sinks…But, nipples, for guys are the cosmic bull’s eye, absolute home base…i think that’s because they got ’em as long ago for just a little crying, or maybe they didn’t get ’em…either way seals the argument

    • haha.. yep.. I guess that means you’re not necessarily listening to the political message then? Thanks, ed, nice to see you back…

  4. As always sharply observed (if you were a man I may have said ogled :)), wittily exxxecuted (groan worthy I know) and those last lines made me howl, though I don’t know if I’d join the movement, ha!

  5. Socio-political grit and multiplanar personal. Well done.

  6. the ash of bras
    long burnt… i find it awesome when women fight for human rights, for freedom, for their country.. sad though that there always is a price to pay..but i guess they’ve calculated the costs..fine poem becky

    • Thanks for your comments Claudia.. these women are fighting for sure, sometimes being imprisoned.. so have to hand them that. Weapons of choice..

  7. hedgewitch permalink

    Sharp and incisive language, and though as usual in my little navel-gazing american world I have no idea of who these women are, they seem a lot like the women at the races last week, identity rooted in sexuality and social tags, though perhaps the outward surroundings and inward self-images are quite different. I enjoyed the ‘ash of bras long burned,’ especially.

    • One of the joys of dVerse I think, Joy, is getting to taste other perspectives around the world… I read an interview with a few members of Femen and was intrigued by their own views of their shelf-life to stage this kind of protest effectively.. as to whether people are listening or looking.. or will cease to do so when they’re a bit older.. love the puzzle of that. Thank you for your thoughts.. always great to see you here.

  8. tough post! but took me to “The girl with the dragon tattoo”….great!

  9. i liked this before, and i still like it. it makes quite a statement about how women are treated, but i also like the cultural aspect of the Ukraine

    apollo and the two muses

  10. poemsofhateandhope permalink

    Beautifully written- love how your words just work! This was a powerful feminist poem- although I don’t like to call it that really- more about human rights…the descriptions of the cafe and the borsche – the sights and smells were exceptional, funny how you put in about the images being you-tube able- and men gawping and not understanding…

    • Yep, you’ve certainly caught some of the complexities of this, Stu.. yes, feminist in some respects but also about perceptions of and actions of women in society.. Some Ukrainian feminists don’t take Femen seriously.. I like the complexity of the isuues around their protest.. also about their views of their bodies and aging.

      Great to hear you caught the whiff of Borsche. Thanks for reading, enjoyed your feedback.

  11. Men should approve of this kind of liberation! 😉 Well written.

  12. Nicely written piece, Becky .

  13. Shawna permalink

    “nipples make the point” … Love it. 🙂

  14. Thanks, Matt, Ayala, Shawna.. appreciate your visits.

  15. the brilliance and power of the human boob ? double 😀 ;D – becky… you fill my cup s

  16. enjoyed again… repetition with final line v effective, and the proper nouns that bounce off one another with a glitter of aural panache claim your midriff – sorry – mid-section

    Oksana, Sasha, Inna
    (reading Chekhov in Kiev)

    • aural panache in the midriff..? It’s the only way to go… 🙂

      Thanks for reading Luke.. always good to hear your thoughts.

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