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April 19, 2012


kneeling in petunias
noon sweat and

scrabbling purple

what do you see?

impossible Kerala greens
swimming Backwaters and the heat haze
of your children

yours for three weeks in the year
growing bookish in Kochi because

you bend your noon sweat back
in Dubai’s pepper-honey


Over at dVerse Poets, Victoria has us writing in second person for Meeting the Bar. I don’t write this way very often…

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  1. leaves of pages, the story blossoms, the view from the garden…what a girl

  2. I like the colors and weight in this, that crush. A good read.

  3. nice…you really set the scene becky….love how you bring the kneeling back around in the end…so only see the kids 3 weeks a year, oy…that would be hard…sounds like they make quite the sacrifice….

  4. Becky, this is so sad to me…having to work so hard that he is deprived of family so much. And it’s not like workaholics who just want more and more; it’s about survival. You do 2nd person most effectively.

    • Thanks, Victoria… good to know that something of Sunil’s story is being told. Sad.

      Thanks for today’s prompt and the opportunity to link this one.

  5. lovely piece…i love the repetition of bended in pepper honey crush…..

  6. “in Dubai’s pepper-honey crush.” Loved that phrase at the end and its almost parallel at the beginning, taking the poem full circle. Wow, only 3 weeks a year to see the very sad for all.

  7. Very much enjoyed the photo

  8. such beautiful imagery…colors and sounds. I can’t imagine only having three weeks…wow!

  9. i know some people from india who moved to dubai to work there…they make good money but the price is high as well when they have to leave the fam behing…a wonderful, moving capture becky

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