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April 12, 2012

the world’s upstaged
filly-busted –
looping the parade in
Louboutins and gauzy sheer,
daff yellow, flesh,
and toga-white
On race night

digi-screens stream
horseflesh, blurred,
while on the terrace
the flash of movie teeth
all the better to bite your apple
On race night

six to one – the odds are good
for freestyle Apped-up now Seraglio;
vowels from Acton, Dallas
and Smolensk melt
in the money pot,
whip sweating flanks in the
away-from-home stretch
On race night

the silks are glistening
blinkers jaunty-angled
to absorb enhancements
and distort domestic
memory, slurred
by Bolly, smorgersbord
and paddock cocked hats
On race night

flowing girls
flaunting Wosta
gold card cabal

they’re off

It’s race night





17.4.12 – It’s another dVerse Poets Open Link Night… I could mention starter’s orders..: – great poetry around the world.


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  1. whew…lots of passion in your words and they just cascade in a wicked pace to get the blood pumping…off to the races girls, guys…first to the line wins…smiles.

  2. ooooh, you make so much fun…first in line doesn’t always win, so says silky sullivan to all the filly graces…ooooh, you make so much fun

  3. Cracking wit, such racehorse power in your diction, and its perfect delivery makes me want to use expletives (but only in the awe struck exclamation of your artistry :))! A banker for sure!

    • Hey Anna, think you were pretty quick off the mark there.. Glad to hear you enjoyed the occasion!

  4. poemsofhateandhope permalink

    Just love your style Becky- the words you put together just transform into something else- just inspiring to be honest (okay- enough butt kissing- but it IS true) the picture you painted- I could just see it- the clothes- the silks of the horses- perfect for the grand national weekend just gone- you capture the pomp of the crowds and the power of the horses- so so good

    • Yeah… there sure was a load of energy from where I was standing…. I’ll tell you the backstory one day. Glad you caught some of the excitement, Stu.. thanks for those kind words.

  5. This is an awesome verse! I love it!

    “the flash of movie teeth
    all the better to bite your apple”

    made me smile

    The repetition of “On Race Night” kept the rhythm… love it!

  6. love the speed in this…captures the race fever for sure…whew…fever-ish..

  7. And it’s off to the races and your are winning by so many paces, with your capture of the moment at your feed truly bringing forth the speed. Still in rhyming mode..haha

  8. I’ve just smiled all the way through this gallop of a poem, Becky 🙂 Something tells me the horses played second fiddle to the experience of being there, which you’ve captured to perfection! Some wonderful language & rich imagery in this really sophisticated write.

  9. This really has a definite pace, it sped my mind up while reading! 😀

  10. hedgewitch permalink

    Love poems where I learn words–and love this one anyway just because it’s biting and sarcastic and highly charged–but I just obviously don’t move in the right circles to know even which booze to order with these ladies….thanks for the cultural lesson, also (Wosta).

    • There’s a lot of it about here.. well everywhere I guess. Thanks for your comments Joy..always appreciated.

  11. definitely feel the energy as Brian mentioned, a lot going on. well done

  12. I think “eyelash-jockeying” may be my favorite phrase today. Great image.

    • 🙂 Thanks so much Valerie… one of my faves too.. (although I probably shouldn’t say that)

  13. Shawna permalink

    Love this, Becky: “all the better to bite your apple”

    Hmmm. Something tells me that “race night” could mean a couple of different things, like “horseplay.”

    My favorite:
    “whip sweating flanks in the
    away-from-home stretch”

    Someone’s having a good time, in any case.

  14. it does feel like a race…the pace of your words just keeps moving, moving, moving.

  15. Jebbi permalink

    I like reading your work….and I love when you use color or flavor in your pieces…this was smooth flowing for me from beginning to end

  16. Almost like a guitar riff of language in free form expression. I enjoyed the quick pace and the energy, besides the aliteration, assonance and great line work. You’re good at this 🙂 hmmm, very good!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. hobgoblin2011 permalink

    Oh, I love the language, so raw, and how the words all play off and feed off each other- fantastic read. Thanks

  18. You had me chomping at the bit there!

  19. Grand… National… Gold…. (cup)… (ok so that pclever play on words didnt have the legs i first thought)….. tis grand and golden though 😉

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