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Inhaling Petrichor

April 8, 2012

Unlace the stays, run barefoot in champagne,
I’m spinning hues, refracting my own prism-
inhaling petrichor from vernal rain.

Constricted ribs in corporate stock refrains,
tight-suited, bottom line-flecked mannerisms;
unlace the stays, run barefoot in champagne.

Untick the rigid target-cult terrain
the genuflecting, yessir cronyism;
inhaling petrichor from vernal rain.

In crystal cartwheels’ arcing fizz, profane,
re-draw the days in fractal Dadaism-
unlace the stays, run barefoot in champagne.

Sniff out the tang of stanzas and sustain
reverberating sonic catechism
inhaling petrichor from vernal rain.

Unbuttoning the tailored term’s campaign
anticipate a rhythmic hedonism-
unlace the stays, run barefoot in champagne
inhaling petrichor from vernal rain.

10.4.12 ~ Linking to another OpenLinkNight at – great poetry around the world.

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  1. when you’ve waited years for the rain behind the stays the fates have wrought, then the Petrichor before the storm slowly sets the flags to wave the wind, and we are ready for the downfall, champange or no

  2. awesome villanelle becky…love it…flows beautifully…and running barefoot in champagne…any time…just saying…smiles

  3. whew…what a rip, the repetition in this is spot on and the voice is strong as well…tight

  4. Love the retetition and running barefoot in champagne sounds great 🙂

  5. So it seems that repeatedly running in champagne is the answer…why didn’t anyone tell me this before? Thanks for reading everyone.. much appreciated.

  6. I had to look petrichor up – I never knew there is a word for the smell of rain, but it’s a smell I love. Running barefoot in champagne sounds sticky to me. Nice villanelle. I enjoyed reading it – and I learned something 🙂

  7. hobgoblin2011 permalink

    Becky, really nice use of the form. Love the word choices in here and how each line integrated so nicely once introduced to the separate stanzas and then reintroduced again later. Very nicely done. Thanks

  8. Nice image–running barefoot in champagne. Too often it was the mud, the blood, and the beer.

  9. Socks are off Poetess…let’s do this thing! love this Becky!

  10. hedgewitch permalink

    I never knew there was a word for this! how cool–I’ve smelled that smell for decades and never known what to call it except amazing. And the way you’ve used contrasts, opposites in your vocabulary–tight, buttoned down words, and then the free-spirited refrain lines– barefoot champagne running( though I think I might inhale *it* and run through the petrichor instead) and unlacing– just makes this wild and wonderful to read. And a very fine villanelle as well.

    • That’s great, Joy… so pleased to hear the contrast come across. I was stupidly excited to find this word! Thank you.. 🙂

  11. Oooh…I love this! Great imagery and word choice in my favorite format, the villanelle. I struggle to write these, but I love to read them, especially when they are done so well. So excited to learn a new word too. Have always loved that smell of new-fallen rain, but never knew until now that there was a word for it. This is just wonderful, Becky.

  12. i know theres some right pervy elements of the poetic blogosphere that could focus on the bare feet and champagne stuff ( weirdos! 😉 – but for me its the fractal Dadaism that injects depth… ok ok …
    so i’m a part time Dadist with a foot fetish ergo this is my favourite ;D

  13. i had to look up “petrichor” great word!! i live in the desert and here it’s called “coyote piss.”

    this is a really great way to express the constriction imposed by the work and social envrionments.

    • haha… yep.. ‘coyote piss’ does not have quite the ring I was looking for.. but I’m storing it up for the right occasion.. Thanks Tammy!

  14. I love weird synchronicity and this week it came out in hearing petrichor from you and Dr. Who! Your language is like champagne: crisp, exciting, celebratory, and ameliorated with bubbles of delight. Love it and the sentiment it expresses.

    • Dr Who eh? Such exalted company… lol Fabulous word.. just discovered last week and had to use it immediately! Do you think there’s anyone who doesn’t love that smell?

      Thanks, Anna.. this was about a wonderful new job confirmed this week and the chance to publish, which you know all about! It had to be celebrated somehow… 🙂

  15. The villanelle’s a sweet and funny let-yer-hair down ode to spring rain over not only dry earth but dried corporate tasks. It’s tightly woven and finely rhymed but I think the sentiment deserves a more, uh, uncorsetted flow. But then, that may just be the point. – Brendan

    • Yes, Brendan, I know just what you mean… ironically I also tried a free verse version, which would do nothing but jam itself up against the left hand margin… it did the constricted well, but couldn’t run free across the page too well. Strangely, I decided the music of the villanelle worked to provide a dance.. so a case of a highly patterned form providing more freedom.. in this case, at this time. Perhaps there may yet be the free-free verse version… just waiting for the petrichor to inspire me.. 🙂

  16. I love that you were able to taking this feeling and harness it into the structure of the villanelle, Becky. There is something so special about a villanelle when it’s just right (like this one) that makes the subject sing which, along with champagne splashing, I imagine you were doing when you got the news. Beautifully done, and I think you’re on to something here…barefoot champagne celebrations…new trend coming soon….

    • haha..thanks Em… as long as there’s still enough for a glass or two..:)

      Appreciate your comments on this villanelle..learn something new with each one.

  17. Enjoying this again.. inhaling…

  18. The repetition and rhyme and variation of different “un-” concepts gave the poem a connected, song-like quality.

  19. Learned a new word! Wow. Petrichor – my dictionary didn’t even have it. Why did I have to wait so long for it? I grew up in West Texas where the rains were few and we could smell them an hour before the clouds gathered– barreling across New Mexico with THAT smell in front of them. Learning that made this brilliant and modern villanelle even more sensuous and tactile for me. Thank you!

    • haha… thanks Gay what a wonderful image of the desert you’ve created there..think there’s a poem in the making.. Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts.. yes, celebrating petrichor..what else are days for?

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