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The Knowledge

April 3, 2012

You read the Braille
of my spine

skimming the knotted rope,
your fingertip knowledge
sings skin-literacy. between

the compass jerk of northern
winters and seasoned
southern latitudes

you found the key
to my tropical topography.

when barometers swung erratic
rainy-barbed to fair-mellifluous
you worked each loop

so now the whorls you speak in
are fluent.

without stutter or slur
you find the mute
the quick release

and scan the Braille
of my spine
by heart.


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  1. Very sensual & delicate….the descriptions of the body here are excellent- I like the north and south divide- the north maybe symbolising the mind in its unhappy state, only to be soothed by gliding fingertips and the eventual warm of the heart…man- we all need some if this from time to time. As always- your choice and placement of words is just awesome- so nice to read ….

    • Thanks Stu… yes, I think north and south works well metaphorically. It originated in actual geography (having lived in northern and southern latitiudes) but works equally well as you read it.. love to hear what readers find. Often when I write, the meanings grow as they bounce off other aspects that emerge.. a lot is subconsciously written in. Each reader creates a new poem as they read.

      (Just fished you out of the spam.. sorry about the delay..:)

  2. Enjoyed the wordplay!

  3. mmm love the heat on this one…and the voyage of discovery it takes to gain such intimate knowledge…smiles.

  4. love can be backbreaking 🙂 especially if your lugging around a todger like mine 😀

    this is finely brilliant in the details and the ending – spot on! 😉

    • Well that covers all bases.. thank you Arron… yes a bit of splice-re-splice on the ending. Happy to hear you on that one.

  5. hedgewitch permalink

    Somehow I know this isn’t about your chiropractor. Love the mix of language you’ve used to convey this lesson of the heart–esp ‘rainy-barbed to fair-mellifluous…’ really rang the bells for me, taking us through the kind of geography class no one would want to cut.

    • No… I know nothing of chiropractors.

      Thanks, Joy..for such a personal poem, I’m glad you could relate.

  6. Shawna permalink

    Girl, I want a massage like that!

    I love these lines:

    “You read the Braille
    of my spine

    “your fingertip knowledge
    sings skin-literacy”

  7. Excellent writing and a fun and steamy write–loved this!

  8. Oh, this is just lovely. It is sensual but also has a quality of redemption, healing, that is quite “touching”. Wonderful. K.

  9. i like the barometer lines, don’t remember seeing that before. i reallllleeee like it.

    pportunity on mars

  10. I know I often litter your comment box with these lists of my favorite phrases/words in your sumptuous lexicon but I can’t help myself: skin-literacy, compass jerk, topical topography, and rainy-barbed to fair – mellifluous all fired my word passion. The concept of fluency speaks volumes about long term intimacy. Another fine write!

  11. the sexy map you draw here 🙂

  12. Becky! There’s only so many ways I can say fantastic…loved the dance, how easily read this was…you have such an easy, effortless way with your writing that I envy. (and, might I add as an aside…the images are always perfection!)

  13. Love the intimacy in this, nice write!

  14. Good to see you Ayala.. thank you.

  15. wonderful poem Becky. It reads well and fantastic sounds when read alout. Particularly liked these lines-

    -the compass jerk of northern
    winters and seasoned
    southern latitudes

    just a perfect rhythm here. I really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing

  16. hobgoblin2011 permalink

    Very nice Becky. Love the prevailing metaphor throughout. Nice read. Thanks

  17. Touch is truly a gift these days, the flood of tactile diversions rendering most illiterate of the body’s need and song. The metaphor of an other’s ability to “read” the heart through its body’s “braille ” is brilliant. Lucky you. – Brendan

  18. beautiful intimacy here becky…loved esp. the reading of the Braille
    of my spine….what a great and tactile image..can feel it on my fingertips…wow..

  19. Thanks a lot Claudia.. great to see you here.

  20. Smart, witty, clever and engaging! Especially liked these as being artful in every way and setting up the end of the poem:
    “when barometers swung erratic
    rainy-barbed to fair-mellifluous
    you worked each loop
    Delicious and sexy poem!

    • Gay what a lovely comment. Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts. For such a personal piece, I’m happy to hear what readers are finding.

  21. Marvelous!

  22. I enjoyed the sensual imagery that you evoke and the metaphor you use moving from physical to emotional reading of a lover.

  23. WOW! Becky I can’t type the words that spilled out of my mouth when I read this piece. I’ll just say – “*expletive deleted* BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!”

    You had me at the first stanza

    “You read the Braille
    of my spine

    And the rest … WOW! I’m fairly jumping up and running around the room in excitement after reading this piece! My fingers just can’t type fast enough! WOW!

    • Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to record that running-aroundedness.. very happy to have such a response to this piece.

  24. Splendid sensuality. Hmmmm.

  25. A masterful and visceral write.

  26. This just feels so familiar (in the best way!) and comfortable, which works perfectly. I love ‘scan’ at the end….the movement and action seems well-suited there. Love this poem for it’s ability to show the sensuality that carries on in a long-term relationship…beautifully.

  27. Thank you all for reading and leaving your thoughts..

    @Emma.. yes, ‘scan’ seemed a nice variation on ‘read’ at the end there. Happy to hear you found this to be the right kind of familiar… 🙂

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