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March 26, 2012

I straddle
your tumescent

nicking soft inner flesh
on your five o’clock

you bask a little
in the pink proximity
while a shove from

would-be concubines
shudders my straining

handmaidens flicker
behind gauzy screens
chirping high and hollow.

cloying en masse, they lull
your better (put-to-bed)

narcotic pong
of narcissus dulls
your urge to refresh that

groupie-glazed gaze and

                     superhuman effort






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  1. Patsy permalink

    Ooor er Becky!! Fab!

  2. bwah, this is awesome…love the way you play with words…and sensualness yet….smiles. straddle your ego…lol

    • Yep.. must admit I had a fun time writing this one, Brian… if you’re smiling, that’s all I need. Thanks for your comments… think you must be my top-ranker now.. 🙂

  3. Lol ~ love the title, love the concept, love the poem, Becky ~ brilliant! 🙂

  4. narcotic pong
    of narcissus dulls

    pure genius in a fantastic poem, you always deliver!

  5. Love this from the title to the poem….nothing like straddling ego!

  6. This was great. Totally great. For me- you were telling a story about a narcissistic man unable to commit to just one woman- maybe a tale about ‘male’ characteristics generally- after all- we love to think we’re god’s gift! The think I admire most about this poem is your word choices- just exquisite- amazingly crafted, and about a topic that can so easily become tit for tat between the sexes. tumescent- LOVE this word

    • Yep, you’ve pretty well nailed the subject… and an element of female competition just to complicate the mix… would never dream of hurling in only one direction when I can go for two! Thanks, Stu.. very much appreciated.

  7. Lol…Great stuff & I just love your word choices …from “I straddle your tumescent ego” to “narcotic pong of narcissus dulls” ..brilliant! 🙂

  8. you are such a word artist…and i smile all over my face…haha

  9. What a fun write! Great word play–just love it!

  10. Okay…I chuckled at the image when I first saw it being shared about…and I busted a gut when I read the write. (Not the most poetic phrase…but entirely sincere!) I wouldn’t dream of finger pointing, but this could not have come at a better time for me to completely enjoy it! Write ON, Master…my pen cowers in your light (and I am not just trying to feed the ego)

  11. hedgewitch permalink

    You are definitely astraddle a great truth here, becky–it’s that tumescent ego that needs so much more stroking to get things to come off properly, as it were. Sex itself is a whizzbang in the park compared to that. The language here is just as good as the concept, too–“..narcotic pong
    of narcissus …” can’t beat that with a stick.

    • it were… nicely phrased, Joy 🙂 This seems to have struck a chord… wonder why… lol

  12. Becky, you handle these topics in such a unique and fun way. There’s no touching this…it’s brilliant. You’re on fire here lately…always a pleasure to read your poetry.

    • Thanks so much, Em… you know the origins of this..right place right time for two words to rub together and produce a spark…. :0

  13. Agree with everyone else (hate it when they grab all those comments first). This was clever, smart, entertaining, and can a poem get better than that?

  14. I’m loving all of this one, Becky. Language, cadence, spirit, images. Blew my doors off!

  15. brilliant – that picture…YES! 🙂
    ticking boxes like a box ticking machine programmed to be awesome
    and waaayyyyyy smarter than the averageboxticker 2000 R. – YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! 🙂

  16. Shawna permalink

    Oh my!

    “nicking soft inner flesh
    on your five o’clock
    you bask a little
    in the pink proximity”

    And this is my absolute fave: “narcotic pong of narcissus dulls”

    Thank goodness for superhuman effort. 🙂

  17. Men. Urgent for this hen with eyes taking in the rest of the sights in the henhouse. No wonder the ancient philosophers pondered the one and the many (‘course, they were all men). Like a good horror movie where what frightens you most is what you don’t clearly see, so too the erotics of exposition here glide on suggested and not explicit surfaces, which goes to say that the hot stuff is between the words, how they pump and receive in the fandango of urgent plural ends. Loved it. – Brendan

  18. mmmm… so much for evolution… the farmyard has a wealth of images that suit! Think both genders are liable to a spot of preening.. I had a good chortle at this comment.. thanks for that Brendan.

  19. Haha. The picture. =)

  20. Nice piece, Becky.

  21. hahaha! (again)….

  22. This is just terrific! I wrote a poem about the male ego once (not nearly as good as this one.) You have humor and bite here both–terrific. K.

    • Thanks, K! Tis a great subject for a spot of derision… as are the female antics that stoke the flames.. It was fun write.

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