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Crab Apple Jelly

March 16, 2012

Surprise April blossom,
raspberry ripple on grey,
clouds of it,
promising summer.

late July, she will gather
wasp-grazed fruit,
hard unyielding bullets,
tart with potential,

a chipped enamel bowlful
raining into the sink, swirled
clean and boiled. through the
long-hot-sticky afternoon

panes drizzle expectation,
jelly I could already melt
on my tongue, pink-slippery
and bouncing. overnight, thin

peach seeps through
muslin; every sleek drip,
her fingers

paper circles onto
the shiny meniscus;

rafts, capping


Linking to another delicious OpenLinkNight with ~ lip-smacking poetry

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  1. Lovely poem Becky, full of the approach & optimism of summer. Beautiful imagery, too ~ I now have the lusciously tangy taste of crab apple jelly in my mouth 🙂

  2. Well, thank you Peter… it was such fun re-visitng this particular memory. A real jelly treat.. 🙂

  3. ed hart permalink

    this poem turned out just like its subject

  4. i’ve never had crab apple jelly, but the flavor and feel to this made me really want to. delicious!

    • That’s great Siubhan… now if I just had shares in the production… 🙂 Thank you so much for your comments.

  5. nice…making jelly brings back some amazing memories for me becky…my mom used to can….

    • That is so good to hear, Brian. This was a real pleasure to write and if it takes you back to a warm memory, I’m thrilled.

  6. what a warm jelly summer capture…fruity and a bit sensual…or is it just me..

  7. I enjoyed this sumptuous treat the first time I read it last week. Returning I am savoring its magic all the more. Thank you.

  8. If I wanted to eat summer! I’d eat this poem! I’d reminds me so much of my dad’s place, picking windfall apples- spending hours over the stove worrying about whether the jam is setting properley or not. But the way you write and describe this- the words are so well placed…really really nice

    • I love what you said about eating summer… that’s how I felt when I wrote it. Really pleased by the reception of this one. It started in a writing class with Daljit Nagra.. don’t know if you know his poetry? He was here in Dubai for the Literature festival and I had a ball sinking into this particular memory… yes, beanbags were involved. Thanks Stu.. good to know you got sent back to a memory of your own…

  9. The summer jelly good for many a belly. I’m just glad winter is gone.

  10. Lovely write full of the images of summer–Loved it–

  11. Funny how we barely make it in to spring, and we long for summer. I’m looking forward to the fruit too.

    • Yep Yousei.. something about yearning for what’s just around the corner.. 🙂 Thanks for your visit.

  12. This was a sensory feast. A delight to the tongue, to the eye, to the touch. Just great work!

  13. I know I’ve already told you how much I love this, but I don’t mind saying so again. This is such a wonderful, poetic capture of a moment in time. A gift for the reader and the writer alike I imagine. I know when I write about memories it brings me a whole new perspective and helps me recall details I hadn’t before. Lovely, Becky…just keeps getting better and better.

    • Thanks, Em… really appreciate your comments.. more than once is fine with me.. 🙂 You’re absolutely right, sinking into this memory was a delight for me..and You complete the scene.. beautiful

  14. Shawna permalink

    I absolutely adore your first four and final four. Tasty words indeed!

  15. jebbi permalink

    Loved this on the tag….it’s beautiful and reminds me of the difficulty such pretty glass jars are to create and keep…but totally worthwhile if you know what you are doing!

    • Thanks, Jebbi… yes the sensory joys of jelly. I don’t have the skill.. but my mum did and this is about her.

  16. Crafting this jelly is so much the crafting of the poem, rendering gorgeousness from the small opaque unworthiness of words pulled from the everyday. Metamorphosis into those “rafts, capping / summer” indeedy. Who says sex is just about sex? Who says jelly-making can’t make the stickiest, sweetest poems? Loved it. – Brendan

    • Your comments have a craft of their own, Brendan. Big thanks.. you always take such care and time and that I much appreciate.

      I really lived this memory in writing the piece, and for that, if nothing else I am grateful.

  17. OK… I’m just hungry now. Good job of keeping the pace throughout the whole piece.

  18. Delicious! I love this albeit a bit sensuous for crab apple jelly.

    • Ah, but in the sense-stimulation of jelly production, such richness… Thanks for your comments.

  19. Very nice work. Now I am hungry 🙂 Who else could make the world want jelly? Much enjoyed.

  20. hedgewitch permalink

    I could almost taste this one, Becky. Who would have thought making poetry and making jelly have so much in common. Delicious, and definitely bonus points for ‘meniscus.’ I loved especially the colors, and ‘wasp-grazed fruit, hard unyielding bullets’–reminded me of how I used to gnaw those sour little knobby things when I was a kid.

  21. Yes, interesting… any kind of craft I suppose.. with care and patience, transforming the tart to something palatable. You ate the crab apples….? haha…and did it again? Glad you got a memory ride out of this.. Thanks as always for your thoughtful responses.

  22. I like the enjambment in this poem, if go through the comments I could ditto this and ditto that all the way through. I like that statement: She will…. it gives it an immediacy and it also states something about the cyclic nature of life. I like that you separate boiled / through and a dozen other fine things about this poem. So- all that. But, also: this poem is erotic.

    • Really enjoyed your response, Daniel. This one started life in a workshop – I was very sceptical that I could write in a ‘set-up’ situation. I actually walked out of that room with something not far off this end product. I wasn’t planning that it would be erotic… interesting that.

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