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P-zazz and Plush

February 23, 2012

Relentless glitters catch
my throat, initiate an itch
that jitters, out of sight.

unabashed lamé bling
n’spangle, eye-white
denting spider-vein red

belt-it-out bright neon scream,
open-handed Vegas slaps
slickety sheen on brassy tacks

buffeting a flash.

configuring afresh –

vanilla clotted thigh-hug suede
dove-egg blue angora,
old rose fade on nubbed damask

wriggle in chenille and mohair,
corduroy or zibeline

shrug off the diamanté
blitz of slippery crepe de chine.

give me surfaces that seek
a touch, ruffling
against the grain

                 in counter motion –

gift me


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  1. nice…love all the texture descriptives you packed into this…def give me some texture…something to feel…

  2. ruckable..ruckable… word of the week…

  3. Becky, I love your versatility as a poet. Wonderful exploration of all these wonderful fabrics and textures. …open-handed Vegas slaps….I can’t help but chuckle when I read this 🙂

    • Great.. chuckling is good.. 🙂 Thanks so much, Em.. very happy to hear your thoughts and feelings on this one. Have you been to LV? I went about 10 years ago and think that’ll probably do me…

      • Nope, never been to Vegas, I think it’s probably one of the few places I’ve never really wanted to go…might change my mind some day…:)

  4. This is great Becky. I’m struck with two thoughts, neither particularly poetic, but here they are. First I want to look in your closet, lol and second I want to spend and afternoon clothes shopping with you! 🙂

  5. Elvis – the Dubai years 🙂

    Dazzling ink Becky!

    • Ha! yep..especially in his rhinestone incarnations, Elvis would fit right in here…

      Thanks, Julie, glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Jebbi permalink

    a fashion poem gift wrapped …

    unabashed lamé bling
    n’spangle, eye-white
    denting spider-vein red

    love that bit…nice Becky!!

  7. What florid and jazzy closet of –er– ruckable duds, costumes that put the skin of the wild Other right up close as any naked embrace. How eros loves glittery and slick surfaces, little electric cat-o-nine tails that make a soul shiver with delight. And you’ve named the catalogue — the breviary — the bestiary! — of them so well. All that “p-zazz and plush” is like diving into a glittery blue warm pool: pure polymorphous perverse pleasure, an erectile-slick communion, especially because it’s all fantasy gear, a fetish, summoned from the wild side of a night we may not otherwise enter. Uh, did I say I loved it? – B

    • That is one amazing comment, Brendan… a poem in its own right. You really dived into the texture good and proper. Thank you! Think you read my mind…

  8. yep…give me surfaces that seek
    a touch… and you gave us a lot to touch and feel here becky…very tactile write…

  9. Shawna permalink

    Ahhh, I’m dying to touch you! Wait, that didn’t sound right. 🙂 I mean … what you’re wearing. LOL. This was yummy from my eyes down to my fingers. I’m a texture gal too, so I loved all that you made me “feel” while reading. This also made me think of how we change our styles and forms of expression over time.

  10. Shawna permalink

    This brings it all together for me: “ruffling against the grain” … applying to texture, style, personality, and experience

    And I just love that image; life and people are figure-eight spirals, black-and-white with a few touches of invisible red.

    • Yes, you’re right, Shawna, to say that this is about more than surfaces. ‘configuring afresh’ – ways of seeing, behaving, appreciating, thinking, living… 🙂

      Touch is a nice way in….

  11. so, so many textures in your verse!!

  12. You’re such a talented poet Becky! Really wonderful piece.

  13. Wonderful flow of image and texture.

    Pretty great right there.

  14. How do you know all of those fabrics. I simply adore the way you can arrange them in such subtle lines where they gather to be what they are. Fashion is not my thing, but I really appreciate the artistic vision that goes into making it.

    • haha… I like texture.. 🙂 Not too much into fashion either, but this was a way of looking at how people interact. Thanks for your comments .. very much appreciated.

  15. this is so tactile… a poem you can reach out and pet like some wild furry thing…. plus i looked up “ruckable” on urban dictionary and like Luke, think it’s definitely the word of (at least) the week! 🙂

    • haha… thanks Siubhan… glad you want to pet wild and furry.. 🙂 Tis a great word that ruckable…

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