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February 16, 2012

the air is thin up here
and there’s no safety net –

thirteen thousand feet spill
down the green-blue map,
buffet cheeks, tug
fear from well-licked lips

ocean rolling like
a film unreeling

                 nobody made me do it.

inside, the chance
of going back –
whole, but

portal rush
adrenalin seduction
a Dream filter
over daily greys.

in the drum roll
of my own making

                  counterpoint erratum ticker

paused to push open
this oak-grained
door and face the panel

                fix mic to lapel
                and flex a Mariella smile

or unbutton that amber shirt
in the freeze-frame
of your eyes,

I hurl myself
full-sink into the down-draft –
swallowing gulps
of it

eating light,
                      sparkling volition.


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  1. Oh WOW

    “unbutton that amber shirt
    in the freeze-frame
    of your eyes,

    I hurl myself
    full-sink into the down-draft –
    swallowing gulps
    of it

    eating light,
    sparkling volition.”

    Man I LOVE THIS …. making me wanna push past my own inhibitions and JUMP too!

  2. Yay! Just what I was hoping.. Thanks a lot for dropping in.. 🙂

  3. shivers…have never tried it…think i might one day…might…you def made me feel it…

    • … after you Brian… haha.. This one starts with a sky-dive my son did recently… but my jumping is more earth-bound.. 🙂

      • i have rappeled off a 300 ft cliff…but that first leap out of a plane just…well…ha….

  4. oh wow…a friend of mine once did it…think it’s a life experience…feel the freedom…aaaahhhh…nice…

    • Yep.. felt such a great metaphor for anything in which we feel we’re launching ourselves into the blue… Thanks, Claudia 🙂

  5. Wow ~ wonderful capture ….exhilarating…nothing like the feeling of freedom (not sure I could ever sky dive, though) Love the metaphor… and this line “unbutton that amber shirt
    in the freeze-frame
    of your eyes,” ..beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Louise… I’m glad you found the metaphor effective… lots of ways in which we jump.. Great to see you here.

  6. Brendan permalink

    I wonder if voyagers of the 15th century thought the same things, with all those miles of ocean just under the fragile timbers of a keel … The vertigo of knowing the precipice is so close and the fall so great is something here. — Then there’s the shift in the second half where there are other precipital places of entirely different threats of exposure and falling — standing alone on a stage (I guess) or opening oneself to another: One really can fall a long way in those places, too. Maybe the thread of sanity is the theme here, that narrow isthmus or bridge that allows us to cross over such fearsome exposure. Fine stuff — B

    • I wonder too, Brendan… perhaps like many things, it’s the first few times that are hardest and feel most dangerous..then less so. Until a major storm, and then..

      Really pleased to hear your commentary and that you also feel the fear when your feet are flat on the ground can be equally strong. I wonder if it is a thread of sanity (rationalized from past experience) or bare hope.. Thank you for your visit, which I always enjoy.

  7. I love the layout of this poem! It’s as though the staggering of the words makes the words themselves all the more ephemeral and energetic. 🙂 Wonderful!

    • Thank you, Eve. That’s great to hear. The layout definitely emerged from the words and how they would be best displayed to offer time for the reader to engage with the feelings and images. Nice to see you here..

  8. OK Becky I was gonna say you were my hero until I read your son jumped! My hubby did. Conservative computer analyst. Go figure the types who jump. Great story they have to tell.

  9. hedgewitch permalink

    I’m terrified of heights, so you just described my worst nightmare, but you also made it very relatable–there is something exhilarating about embracing the wild extreme, or what pushes one out of one’s safe zone, and that can be anything and anywhere in the layers of metaphors you invoke. Great clean, tight write, too.

  10. I will never jump out of a plane or take a leap of faith but I feel that I have just done both through your words. You got me with, “thirteen thousand feet spill down the green-blue map,”


    Mark Butkus

  11. Yup…gravity is my worst enemy (in more ways than one!) Inertia is settling in from image alone. But is this not what we do each time we toss our words out into the open, step to a mic with a lump in the throat…yes I have soared…while managing to keep feet planted firmly on the ground! 😉 Love this Becky!

    • Yes… it’s the choice we make to expose ourselves to the unknown in its many forms. Thanks Tash.. happy it resonates.

  12. This is a neat twist of thought throughout, turning in on itself all the way through. Not “leap before you think” but daring to leap, daring at all, baring your fears and your truths. This unravels its layers as it is read. Bloody brilliant I think!

  13. Just great to hear your comments, Gay. That was how I hoped readers would feel it… even while applying it to their own lives… thank you.

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