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Mutual Fascination

January 23, 2012

an interlace of syllables
warm-strung on fingered timpani
reticulated litany.

we weave a mesh: intangible
sprung threads in ice-burn infra-red
entangling fractals, frangible.

our Celtic-knotted tongue-spun spree
a cocksure chase of syllables.


Image credit: Jacko –

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  1. How fitting that my 50th post should be an Octain – this beautifully musical form, devised by Luke Prater, was the form I used for my first poem ‘Sweet Helen’. More from Luke here:

  2. An intense aural geography here, each syllable weaving that “Celtic-knotted tongue-spun spree.” Reminded me somehow of Hopkins, a bird-flight of delights.

    • Thanks so much Brendan… delighted to even be in the same sentence as Hopkins… I love his musicality.

  3. Exotic words!
    The cocksure chase of syllables filling the minds with joy πŸ™‚

  4. ha that last stanza just rips becky….and is a bit of a tongue twister…smiles.

  5. Love the words, Love the image and love Luke’s Octain. Wonderful visit as always Becky!

  6. hedgewitch permalink

    This seems both effortless and also packed with content–an amazing combination, if you think about it, like watching someone do ballet wearing a fifty pound backpack. ;_) I love the word reticulated–one of the first poetic sort of words I learned as a kid, and always like to see it, especially when it’s used as freshly as here. Thanks for your insightful comment on my own piece–you hit the core of what I was trying to say.

    • I appreciate your constant enthusiasm hedge..especially as I derive so much pleasure from your poetry. Yes, I loved using reticulated there.

      Yours really spoke straight to me this week..wonderful piece.

  7. woohoo…love the word play here….our Celtic-knotted tongue-spun spree…awesome, you’re such a wonderful word weaver becky

    • Maybe a swift half at the bar to loosen our tongues Claudia… πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your cheering..

  8. “dearly beloved we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of arron P shillings (sic)… what can be said about this tragic boheim pukester… well – we fell short on most counts… as he appeared to be all bluster and bumpf but we did find this most bodacious extract, written by a friend of the piss poor departed reprobate… and nothing came closer to the truth of his limp albeit heroic affair”

    a life lived as – “a cocksure chase of syllables.”

    “now lets head for the pub… lol

  9. mine’s a pint… cheers Becky.. beautifully done as always.

  10. I’ll just stay that’s pretty great there.

    Because it is. Nice work.

  11. The “sh” and “zh” sounds in mesh, frangible, tangible, and cocksure all slow those words down to a plush pleasure amid your fast-paced twister; nicely done!

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