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Twin Peaks

January 14, 2012

Botulinum or silicon with that?

The chase to drop a decade
and teeter

                bazooka-toting Barbie

on the brink
of last chance

Pammie’s bonkbuster cock-logic
or Leslie’s gaping trout-pout?

Dermal fillers to smooth
n’plump n’promise –

slow-release infection

French manicure or labia
rock-bottom snip
designer vaginas
between meetings
and zero-cal lunch.

for the eye surpise look
(newsreader specials)
a slice
a tug
a tighten

greased lightening
maxed plastic

ten year shelf life on the
tick, tick, tick
then shift
         or shrink
              or leak
                   or harden

PIP free-market flourish
skin-flick burnish
double D
dream inflation –

industrial strength toxins
                                            to go.


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  1. crazy what people do for imagined beauty…scary actually…the lips, the hips the boobs, even butt implants…shivers….

  2. Like the way you write and tell the story
    That was different but at the end the point was made
    Liked it
    Emu aka Ian

  3. That is brilliant…what a society!

  4. This is crazy good – helluva indictment. Loved that you tackled it. – el Mosk

  5. Well written. I had a difficult time looking past the gruesome photo and getting to the poem, but am glad I kept scrolling down!

  6. What an image!!! This is great commentary and poetry. You really do point out a bizarre aspect of modern/pop culture: An entire industry that didn’t much exist not so long ago, save for the occasional facelift and nose job. Excellent writing and insight.

    • Hi Steve.. very much appreciate your comments. It’s the ubiquity of this plastic that is so worrying I think.

  7. designer vaginas
    between meetings
    and zero-cal lunch…made me almost spit my drink…i hate everything artifical…better ugly but real…smiles…

  8. what a great pic – to complete the grim imagining of this reality.
    although how you laid your hands on this portrait of my first love i have no idea
    but your pome becomes her lol

    excellent work becky

    power in the piece 🙂

  9. hedgewitch permalink

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Becky—and some excellent writing to make the point. I was laughing, then almost sick, then angry…you pushed all the buttons here. Personally, I’ve worked hard for my wrinkles and grey hair, and I’m keepin em, thanks. If all you want’s a pretty package, my shelf life’s already expired anyway. ;_)

    • Thanks so much for your comments hedge.. delighted to hear this drew a reaction or two. Who decides on shelf-life anyway?

  10. Ohh Becky.. this is so true and scary .. people go to any limits just to look good ..its sick..
    Excellent work 🙂

  11. I beautiful take on the false image…. how skin deep it all is.. Interesting write..


    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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