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[Sub] Aqua

January 9, 2012


in turquoise flick,
kick down the chroma chain
two hues – stippled slick and glide –

of elsewhere glance in ticker licks
bouncing bossonova
wet on wet-eye

kelp strand
zither fingers
amplify, hush, trickle,
ear-muff sonar throb suspension –

blur sharp
opalescence, prism pearl strip-
tease refracting lip-sync
kiss. Scissor-slip –
s  u  r  f      c  e.

©Becky Kilsby 2012

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  1. Awesome! Love the surfacing part.

  2. this was delicious becky…well constructed and fluid smooth in the read…love what you did with surface there at the end as well…would not mind being under it right now…so peaceful under there…

  3. Cheers Brian… happy you felt that peace. Time stand still here.

  4. oh i wanna go diving now… this is beautiful becky… great use of sounds and you painted such a serene sea mood…love it..

  5. Love how all the words come together, not just to paint a picture, but to evoke a feeling. Just want to slip into that turquoise water. Beautiful!

  6. Happy to hear your response Ginny..many thanks. Yes, what’s wrong with escapism.. 🙂

  7. Nothing like a little escape to brighten up the day. This is fantastic Becky, your formatting makes this one come to life for me…not to mention that you’ve delivered the ocean into my living room with your lush details 🙂

  8. ticker licks -> that’s so sexy

    ear-muff sonar throb suspension – -> love it a lot of sounds will come through ear muffs, and you don’t hear them either way

    last stanza is so jazzy

    i love this

    do you know who i am??

    • Hi Tammy (I hope it’s you!)..yeah it was fun trying to describe underwater sounds. Sometimes you just need to get away from the roar..

      Thanks for reading and your comments..

  9. Such dunk-and-soaks are wonderful private rituals, aren’t they, baptismal immersions into the womb, be it tub or dream or entwined sleep after lovemaking. I think we have, in our deep lower brains, fond memories of our primal existence in the drink. Loved it. – B.

    • I tend to agree with you Brendan..and hadn’t seen this piece in such mythic terms…but the longing for peace and harmony was certainly real.. Thanks for your thoughtful feedback.. as ever.

  10. the word bar permalink

    beautiful format, light and lovely words..this was a joy to read this morning..


  11. Hi Becky

    I’m still thinking of Descartes
    and the deception of the senses,
    diffused and intermingled
    with admiration feel wonderful poetry.

    A well worn topic

    renewed by flair

    and a rare sensibility 🙂

  12. hedgewitch permalink

    Your word dancing here is really delightful, Becky, just in the art that you’ve used to create different sounds and images with such directness and simplicity. Made me remember how very much I like to swim underwater–where the surface is a muted, non-intrusive memory.

    • That’s great hedge… I was trying to capture sense impressions with no intentional metaphorical meaning whatsoever.. very happy to hear you felt the experience was real. Thanks for dropping in..

  13. Becky! You have such a fun and unique voice and it really shines in this piece. The image was a great start, and your words bring the “depth” and light play to the forefront. Wonderful weave!

  14. beautiful, becky. I especially love what you did with the formatting of submerge and surface – very creative!

    • Thansk Sheila! It’s interesting..I don’t think I’ve used this conceptual kind of fromatting before..somehow it suggested itself to me.. 🙂

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