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Chestnut-Stuffed Albatross

December 8, 2011

This season’s burden of choice
silver link-imprints my neck,
Hallmarks of a
dead weight hanging.

It flutters spasmodically,
my workandplay loop with

chicken-shed aroma
and the itch of festive dust from
record-breaking wingspan medallion.

A little inconvenient actually,
making egress tricky
from slim doorways
and consumer-caper crush.

Nor the best accessory
for spangly party frocks
or hoovering.

The stench will become urgent,
unguent for a fleet-of-foot sprint
to the finish tape
decked tinsel-gaudy.

There’s a story I must tell
involving mulled baubles
fa-la-la-la-la fairy lights
and minced jollity.

Its glitter gaze beads me,
unremitting, holly bright.


Hosanna in Excelsis

this December I will slip the chain
fling the chestnut stuffed albatross
to the wolvish malls
and we’ll camp starry

in the desert

looking up.

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  1. workandplay loop…nice…the albatross around the neck..smiles…nice ref that…and it sounds wonderful to sit under those starry skies instead of buying into all the crap…

  2. sounds like a wonderful plan!

  3. I’m following this poem around from place to place, Becky. Really like this one for both it’s humor and the social commentary. The picture suits it perfectly too, I think I probably make that face a couple of times before the season is over. A holiday from the holiday isn’t such a bad idea.

  4. As I was saying to Sheila, this year I have been on the road for the build-up to the holidays and will be travelling through January. I can’t express the immense relief and joy I’ve experienced over the past week and may never stay home for the holidays again. Also, it’s allowed me to see all my Christmas miracles as my eyes have been free of tinsel induced blindness. Love this one.

    • Yes, Anna, I have been following your travels… what a brilliant choice. To be able to see.

      Thank you for dropping in.. on a stopover?

  5. this sounds like the perfect way to spend christmas…camping in the desert, looking up to the starry sky..sigh.. i have done this once..not at christmas though.. but an experience i will never forget..

  6. You have a terrific sense of the power of language and use it so well, Becky–

    The stench will become urgent,
    unguent for a fleet-of-foot sprint
    to the finish tape
    decked tinsel-gaudy.

    terrific. xj

  7. Tino permalink

    I read this as a screw the world, will do my own thing. Tha’ts why I like it so much as I always enjoy a one fingered salute to any establishment 😉

    One romantic day, I decided to go and see the sun rise. Drove onto the beach, it started raining and the car got stuck!! Make sure you park up in that desert with one wheel on something solid.

  8. Maybe it’s the paradox of so fraught a starry season that implicit in the rites are Jacob Marlowe’s chains — leaden duty to rituals that have emptied of meaning for years (in families, at least) or centuries (for a culture). Your emancipation I think is everyone’s true holiday wish. Great work – B

    • Oh yes, those chains. Self-imposed and very hard to shake off.

      Many thanks for your interest and your feedback as a writer is much appreciated.

  9. Now… could it have gotten any better? .. oh yes …the picture is the icing on the xmas cake

    (How you aquired a pic of me on xmas morn, i have no idea lol)

    Love it!

    • ha! I knew it was you.. actually it could only have been better if I could have commissioned you to do a surrealist albatross… now there’s a thought.. 🙂

  10. big smiles from me for this clever bit of cheer!

    adore this stanza–

    There’s a story I must tell
    involving mulled baubles
    fa-la-la-la-la fairy lights
    and minced jollity.

    delighted to read this one Becky.

    • Thanks Christi.. great to see you on the poetry trail this week. Very much appreciate your comments.

  11. Jebbi permalink

    I keep coming back to this…all the visual….this is not my year for holiday cheer, but this piece is welcome in the realm of it and it made me smile 🙂

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