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Sand Dance (Script-ed)

November 24, 2011

Irish gliding brogue,
you roll us gold in
sweat-meld palm
single thumping pulse
           you sing
           we sing

apple sheisha sundown drift-
laze erased – whipped upright
twenty thousand bouncing echoes
lasers spasm-jive
           you wave
           we wave

rant guitarist tames
the riff and ralentando
strides high octane
deepdown heat and verve
          you jump
          we jump

phones aloft in silent witness
streaming big-screen
pixel-jiggled swarm
tones of skin and grin
            you clap
            we clap

look up
             sharp stars

and we are here-and-now
melting marionettes
strung smiling to your tune
willing the familiar tug
            you dance
            we shimmy,
            Script-ed, tranced
            bare-soled harmonic
            sand and dance.

Linking to dVerse Poets Poetics prompt 5.5.12: Music – – world music

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  1. melting marionettes
    strung smiling to your tune

    nice great line there and a great description of the concert as well…music is a spiritual experience for me…

  2. hope your holidays are going well..and as always great to see you at dversepoets

    • Yep.. great thanks Brian… boys home so full house.. hope you’re enjoying a bit of fun with your family. Nice to be with ever.. it’s been a great 6 months for me.. 🙂

  3. Jebbi permalink

    You had me at Irish gliding :)…love this Becky….melting marionettes and the sand and music….just fun to read each time I do 🙂

  4. oh i love the music in this becky…you roll us gold in
    sweat-meld palm…music grips the whole being, inside, outside, the melting…loved it

    • Thanks Claudi.. from a musician that is the best I can hope for… was a special night.. 🙂

      • ha nice..enjoyed the re-read..this time it was…and we are here-and-now
        melting marionettes
        strung smiling to your tune..that grabbed me most..

  5. The dance between band in concert and crowd is so much like great lovemaking, the one feeding of the power and delight of the other, enabling both to ladder high and higher in rapture.

    strides high octane
    deepdown heat and verve

    How is it that that big night sound can snake through ten thousand souls and make them “jump” at once? ‘Tis a joy, few sure … Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Fancy meeting here! Your word choice and sound along with the images capture the feel of live stadium music

  7. Thanks John.. appreciate your visit.

  8. do believe you had some fun

  9. hedgewitch permalink

    Love the way you’ve structured this one becky–it flows down the page with a physical rhythm, abandon and joy–I could feel the sand under my feet. Part of my own holiday celebration is always playing music and dancing, after a libation or two to loosen up the old bones. Enjoyed the dance.

    • Really happy to know you caught the rhythm and flow of this.. everything you describe is how I felt so I am thrilled to know it could be transferred via words on the page.. 🙂 Brilliant… thanks so much for letting me know…

  10. Shawna permalink

    Love it! (and them)

    • That’s great Shawna.. thank you! They were a great live band.. much better than recorded.. but guess that’s the spirit of a live gig..

  11. sounds like a fun time! I especially liked this stanza – phones aloft in silent witness
    streaming big-screen
    pixel-jiggled swarm
    tones of skin and grin

    • It was fun Sheila.. happy to know you felt it.. The stanza you mention caused me a little more work than the rest, so very happy to hear you liked it. Thank you!

  12. You wrote this with such description that I felt I was there, Becky. A good example of careful observation. Happy New Year.

    • Thank you so much Victoria.. I very much value your opinion. All the very best to you to for a healthy and peaceful new year.

  13. i like how you present this performance in terms of the audience participation factor

    tenaciously as conundrum

    • Thanks Tammy… I didn’t know that this one would end up focussing on that interaction.. but, as ever, it had a life of its own. I just clapped and swayed.. 🙂

  14. this one was def worth the re-run…re-reading it i appreciate the music in the way you phrase as much as the rest…would def love to go as well…

  15. leahJlynn permalink

    Great job and i did enjoy the read. It was my first time here, I’am looking forward to more of your writing

    • Thanks so much Leah, I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed your first visit and hope you’ll be back again.

  16. Liked the poem, you really captured being in a concert and it had a song-like feel, even a chorus but not a chorus.

    • Thanks Blue Flute.. that dialogue was such a big part of this particular event, it wouldn’t be denied.. 🙂

  17. Love the rhythm and sense of enchantment, especially the mimetic audience. Excellent as always.

  18. Lovely rhythm and structure that tied the whole thing together, thanks!

  19. poemsofhateandhope permalink

    Becky this is great. I can smell the apple sheishas! Loved the melting marionettes – in those temperatures – wow- it would be immense. I never realised that they had this festival in Dubai- I don’t know why I thought this kind of thing would be a no no- but actually – from experience – Dubai is actually quite liberal. Really enjoyed the repetitions of (you\we)- as is often the communication between the artist and the observers!- great poem

    • haha.. yes the apple sheisha… Dubai is very liberal when it comes to business – basically if it brings in tourists and makes someone an income, they seem to be for it. We get more and more good bands these days… best ones I’ve been to were Coldplay and Roger Walters (separately).

      Thanks for a great prompt.. gave me a chance to have another look at this one.

  20. loved ‘you clapped we clapped’ ‘you jumped we jumped’ this repetition and following of crowds being led – saw and felt them ‘jumping up and down’ saw the heads bobbing to the sounds generating mass euphoria – really re created the whole atmosphere – brilliant Becky – Love Lib

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