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Data Chains

November 12, 2011

The hush and pull of surf along my veins
is lost beneath the crackling static beat –
incessant input blizzard, data chains.

Desire for languor, cobalt-lime refrains,
a hammock daze of summer, leafy heat –
the hush and pull of surf along my veins

is pummelled, kicked and blistered by the strains
of push it faster, farther, Like and tweet –
incessant input blizzard, data chains.

The drive to outperform, a slick campaign
to surge ahead, suck accolades and cheat
the hush and pull of surf along my veins –

inhales the heady air of buzz domains
ignoring hum and pulse of rhythmic feet.
Incessant input blizzard, data chains

asphyxiate the chime of warm terrains
that balm, seduce and spice – contralto sweet
the hush and pull of surf along my veins.
Incessant input blizzard. Data chains.


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  1. Patsy permalink

    Becky this will be a regular re-read for me.Thank you.

  2. great poem Becky!

  3. I love the rhythm of this piece. Data chains… as I work in IT, this spoke to me πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, we do get caught up in an input blizzard…I really like this.

    • The irony of sitting at a computer to read about the conflicts of sitting at a computer… Thanks Laurie..

  5. nice….great flow and repitition to this…get caught up in the survivor game, out wit and out play the rest…surge ahead suck accolades, it seems it is driven in us from an early age…not sure if that is good data honestly…

    • …no probably not… and it takes a lot to untangle from that way of thinking… thanks Brian…

  6. Wow great piece, wonderful imagery and I didn’t even have to cheat, or surf along any veins, although that could be neat.

  7. Visiting from dVerse. I enjoyed reading your post. Love the images at the start.
    Thank you for shairing.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

    • Thanks Siggi.. your first outing with dVerse?… Overload of great reading! Thanks for dropping in here…

  8. From one poetic surf-bum to this other, a goofy grin and surf-up thumb’s up. The tidal wash of data we soak in is what consciousness is all about, finding a way to ride it just right, finding enough surface to stand on with all that consuming water all about. The waves are getting bigger though, don’t you think, in the cybersoup we can’t swim out of? – Brendan

  9. ha ha .. too right Brendan.. but mostly of our own making..and then there’s all that great poetry to read..and friends to chat with..and…

  10. So I read this much earlier and apologized for my contributions. However, I’m going to share a story from yesterday :). My eye doctor was concerned about my heart rate being too high, so much so he sent me home with supplements and said I had to find a way to shut off my fight or flight response (apparently my pupils are also too large). I took the supplement this morning but think it will take a few days to release my vice grip on the data chain. Prioritization! I love this poem.

    • Anna… maybe a walk… is it snowing over there? Lovely to see you back… against Dr’s orders.. oh dear…

      • No, we have snow on the ground but it’s a gorgeous day. I think my divorce is creating more stress than poetry :). I always love my visits to your site!

  11. hedgewitch permalink

    This is one of the most natural uses of rhyme and meter I’ve read in awhile, like a pulsing surf, indeed. And every word is so true–that cobalt-lime image is like one of those refreshing facial masks of cooling herbs that you never have time to let dry and end up being washed off while you run off to answer the cell. I love this whole poem, but as a gesture of rebeliion, I’m not going to push the Like button. ;_) I will, however, retweet it.

    • Ha! Love that gesture of defiance… and thank you for the RT. Really appreciate your always thoughtful comments…. interesting that you mention the cobalt-lime reference..the power of colour…

  12. This is very clever and appropriate for the subject. The repetition creates a nice semi-closed data chain. Love the switch of form in the last stanza — and this form is such a great one for your topic as creates a mechanical tape-look type of ambience. Very well done!

    • Thank you for you kind words.. the villanelle seemed appropriate as a form – for just the reasons you mention..

  13. what a great villanelle…oh i enjoyed that it is a villanelle…and what you’ve done with it…unforced and natural..great flow…awesome becky

    • Thanks Claudia… yes, surprised myself by really enjoying the write this time.. must be getting the hang now.. πŸ™‚

  14. That final stanza is electric – ouch! superb write Becky

  15. Great piece!!
    You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  16. Very read-aloud-able, with the tecchie words woven in seamlessly where their double meanings are to most advantage, and super drunk-on-language sounds throughout such as “asphyxiate the chime of warm terrains”, and the play of “s” against “z”. I like me a contralto too!

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