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Gulf Streaming

October 14, 2011

thraps steel-spun shrouds
marcato, scouring dune
drawn sediments, unpeeling skinned

stormforce scuds clutching tropicals,
lances enervation’s
boil, cuts clagging
hot fog.

Release –
uncorked crystal
fizzes fret, dissolves drag.
Flying spinnakers to catch this

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  1. wonderful use of words there…mystic, beautiful!

  2. Having lived in the Chihuahuan desert I felt this poem acutely, perfect word choices.

    • Thanks, Anna, glad you could relate. That’s a wonderful name for a desert… must get it into a poem one day.. 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, Becky. I’m reveling in your language sense– brava! Do ignore that I’m posting from WordPress– my offering is up at xxxj

  4. oh i like the sound of the words here becky..there is a sensuality, passion and tender force to this…i could feel this and want to spread my arms and dive right into the scene you paint here..wonderful..would love to hear you read this..

    • Thanks so much Claudia…happy to hear you felt that way… and yes, I agree it could be a great recording..can’t wait to say ‘thraps’… 🙂

  5. smiles. this is just a bunch of fun to speak outloud…the way the words sound together and flow is very cool…

  6. what a cheerful treat.

    Happy Sunday.

  7. Great language skills. First foray to your blog, but will not be the last!


  8. love ocean views, lovely piece!

  9. like swirls of sweet wine on my tastes buds are your words, becky. always enjoy your elegant writing and this one is no exception

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