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September 18, 2011

Full tilt
leaning into old light.
Yesterday’s hands reeling me in:
full tilt.

This cinquain, written in July 2011, is posted for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics theme ‘Trains’ 17.9.11


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  1. This is terrific– you convey much in this refined form. xxxj

  2. a short ride but one to remember becky..leaning into old light…one has to be careful not to lose balance..i second jenne…terrific ride

  3. leaning into old light… is beautiful. I feel like I’m tilting too – with the words, photo…
    few words expressing this delicate situation. really great!

  4. very nice ride…old light and yesterdays hands play well with one another in your short verse….

  5. A refreshing take on the prompt, Becky.

  6. Oh, very nice. “leaning into old light” – so much to think about in so few words 🙂

  7. hedgewitch permalink

    Love the short forms, and always hard to make them work for me–distilling ideas down to their essence is a real skill, as you display here so adroitly. I really love reading poems that say so much with just the right number of words, like this one. Even the train in the picture is smiling. ;_)

    • Thank you for your warm response… I love the potential of this form… smiling trains .. 🙂

  8. Very effective, wonderful use of the form here. G.

  9. I have felt like this at times….the old light of my past reeling me in…You have said so much in such few words. The photograph works perfectly with your words.

    • Hi Susie… good to see you here. Many thanks for your kind words. Not surprisingly, this was written on a train 🙂

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