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Swiss Vintage

September 15, 2011

Deep-throated Bernese cowbells peeled away
the ingénue; a stir and tang devouring
the ripest Brie and ooze of cherries splayed.

Swiss-Deutsche vowels entrapped my mouth by day,
at night hip-press of continental waltzing;
deep-throated Bernese cowbells pealed away.

In aqua glare of glacial caves, we play
a flick’ring scene, new kodachrome imprinting:
the ripest Brie and ooze of cherries splayed.

Ensheathed in primary leathers, kid-bouquet,
a slalom twin-spined ride obliquely curving,
deep-throated Bernese cowbells pealed away.

Morello globes entangling tongues’ slick-sway,
behind the falls at Trummelbach cascading;
the ripest Brie and ooze of cherries splayed.

Compressing Kirsch-clear memories today
I store inflected booty, slow-fermenting:
deep-throated Bernese cowbells peeled away
the ripest Brie and ooze of cherries splayed.


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  1. Patsy permalink

    multi-sensual,cloying imagery.

  2. there is a certain sexuality to your words…even just in the food mentions…maybe i am just hungry…nice word choice in this…

  3. Oh, now this I would call deliciously gorgeous writing. Excellent 🙂

  4. Thank you so much, Lori….glad you dropped in…

  5. wonderful villanelle becky..strong refrains…and of course you had me from the beginning with the swiss-german…loved the bernese cowbells..never heard them sound so sensual…rings home for me…smiles

    • … yes, of course you know all about Bernese cowbells.. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely response…

  6. i luv the form. one of my favs to create in. a tasty, zesty, kind of sexy presentation. excellente. i really enjoyed this.

    • Thank you Henry… villanelles are always a delightful headbanger for me… happy you enjoyed the read..

  7. Beautiful sensory piece… enjoyed the read.

  8. Food and I don’t see eye to eye, but you really made ones desire rise with each word, great piece.

  9. I’ve said overlong that all poetry is about love, but here you demonstrate that love is all cherry-red when it isn’t midnight blue. The rest is pastry … Dee-lightful.

  10. Dee-lighted, Brendan.. thank you.

  11. I read this last week and thought I’d commented, oops! I loved it and cherries and brie are two of my least favorite foods (I only bring this up because your talents as a poet had me so enthralled I forgot myself there). Bernese is such a great word that carries the heft and echo of the sound of the bells. So beautifully crafted and savory, as love and art aspire to be, thank you!

    • haha..Anna … you made me laugh about the Brie & cherries… and I love your musical response to the bells… knowing you to be a musician (among many other creative things..) this is a much appreciated comment. In fact I can still hear them… (yes, mad indeed).. thanks for the visit.

  12. I soooooooooo enjoyed this poem. the layers are alive and vivid – quite striking – Great choices for the visuals – so much to like in this – fantastic shape and a collective wow!

  13. Hmmm, people always see sex in cherries. For me, the form you chose is just right: one bite, one sip or one peel of the bell would be woefully inadequate.

  14. “Swiss-Deutsche vowels entrapped my mouth by day,
    at night hip-press of continental waltzing;” I love the weave of your words…well done.

  15. Fantastic for-use Becky, really.

    • Thanks, Luke… had some sharp help ironing out the second line at FEPC if you remember… :)Great to see you here..

  16. I agree that people see sex in cherries and in grapes. Wine, fire, cheese, cherries and grapes makes the perfect romantic setting and your poem fits right in and is so well done I love it very much and thanks for sharing

  17. Gorgeous, sensuous, divine villanelle. Executed so brilliantly as I expect from you. Always so careful and precise. It’s an honor to read your work.

  18. Gay.. you are so kind.. it’s a delight and a real encouragement to hear your enthusiastic response.. Thank you. 🙂

  19. Simply put, brilliant– tiramisu rich. This poem would be a wonderful teaching piece on exactitude and detail and how those things contribute to a poem’s power. This one takes me higher mach 10. xxxj . xxxj

  20. I really enjoyed this poem Becky….. formal poems are so hard for that it amazes me how well your wizardry and talent conquers them…. reaaly, really impressive….

  21. yummy poetry, brilliant metaphor.

    you rock the world.

  22. Wow — excellent use and reusing of materials!

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