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September 10, 2011

We broke
the breaking news
from the palms in our hands.
Streaming guts from Al Tahrir Square.

for citizens:
smartphone heady Reuter
feeds, hot blogs. Net-savvy Arab
Spring. Live.

Steel strong
web filigree,
cradling aspiration.
Forty tweets a minute earthquake

chorale: instant constituencies
out-holler Charlie Sheen.
Change, YouTube-sprung,

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  1. Yeah so much of this social media ummm crap has skyrocketed up, an earthquake of tweets indeed.

  2. Oh, well done 🙂 so glad to have found you through dVerse.

  3. Honestly, for every grievance we may have about where the world is headed…I have never felt more connected. It is amazing to be able to forgo the propaganda and get the news straight from the people who are living it. I think, if we survive our growing pains, the world will one day run as she should, especially when we all recognize the power now lies in our hands. Loved the write, and the thoughts provoked! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Tash…. glad you caught the questions posed by this new connectivity… will be a constant theme for the foreseeable future I think. And yes… places certain power in people’s hands… but that will not be enough..

  4. A very modern work – whoever could have thought even the smart phone would have its place in poetics? It is astounding, the things we have made, the things we can now capture on such a thing…life changing moments, global intricacies…but of course that’s all balanced out with the crazy videos of certain comedians and the like. Oh the social media world… Nice work!

    • Thanks, Chris…. yes, serious possibilities with this new media… we probably can’t grasp the potential yet. Your words are much appreciated.

  5. this is def a time in our world where we are connected and we can be up to date on what is going on aroudn the world in a sec if we want but it can be overwelming as well…i cut FB back in Jan cause it was just too much

    • Oh yes… know what you mean… cyber overload a big issue for me. But the power in our hands to bear witness…. that’s amazing.

  6. You just captured the essence of our lives in the 2nd decade of the 21st century…. I couldn’t live with out my smart phone with the emails, t5he internet, the news apps, the TV apps, even the freaking WordPress app….. OMG….. 15 years ago I didn’t even have a cell phone…. What did we do back then? I don’t normally hawk my own poetry but I think you might get a kick out of this similar piece I wrote a couple of months ago…. New World Friends

    • Yes, John, huge shifts in human interaction I agree…. sudden need to be connected is fearsome… and the good side is the potential power it may grant… Thanks for the link, I’ll be over later… many thanks for your response.

  7. Out of the park closer on a great poem. I especially enjoyed the hashtag which I only learned a couple of months ago on Twitter. It’s a whole new universe with its odd customs and lingo. I love that it can be a force for political change and especially that we can drown out celebrity culture with it.

    • #Yes to that! And yes to all the positives about instant constituencies… where that leads is anybody’s guess.. promising (I hope). Happy you found a way in and apprciate your thoughts as always.

  8. really enjoyed this… both the content and the form are dazzling. we seem to be lost in a state of constantly streaming information. it makes one wonder if these devices are friend or foe.

    love this stanza–

    We broke
    the breaking news
    from the palms in our hands.
    Streaming guts from Al Tahrir Square.

    Bravo Becky!

    • Thanks so much Christi… of course I know just what you mean about the comstant streaming… yes, mixed feelings about it. Really do apprecaiate your thoughts on the poem.. 🙂

  9. you are right social media has grown so much in the last couple of years and tweeter is one that is growing so fast

  10. connected yet often feeling like overload. Really enjoyed reading this. May I tweet it? 😉


    • Thanks, Beth..of course you may… I’d be delighted! Thanks for reading, responding, encouraging… 🙂

  11. I love your poetic instincts and language. On the theme – I often reflect that people go to the souces/voices they want to hear, not necessarily the ones they need to hear. This no doubt erodes critical thinking.

    • …no doubt… the words moth and flame sprin to mind. Thanks for your kind words and for dropping in for a quick #trend.

  12. Enjoyed this Becky Kilsby. I like the way it was edited, or seemed to be, like a film that moves around. Like we are live with you, a part of the gig. I found it exciting. and always enjoy reading ur stuff. Always fresh, and sensing new things. Way kool. I bet ur an interesting chat. Thanks for the entertainment. Luv ur art!

  13. Love it – clever write. ‘Forty tweets a minute earthquake statis’ – brilliant.

    Anna :o]

  14. sharp, brilliant sentiments…

    glad to read you and love your blog.
    welcome sharing your poetry with us today,
    first time participants can do free linking up to 3 poems, you can write for our challenge if you want to, no obligations, we are open until Thursday night, 8pm…
    hope to see you in.
    keep up the excellence.

    • Thank youf or your visit.. so glad you found something to enjoy here. Thanks also for the invite…

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