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September 5, 2011

I’m ready to know you

all set to hear
those Catalina Tales
Grantchester refrains
reverberating Tubular Bells

I’d give fair welcome now
to your exhortations
to crackle the pork
and to not (please)
slam the door

eyes often blinking
for that (frankly ridiculous)
pork-pie hat
worn blithe brio
in your Fenland garden shed

my fingers are greening,
poised to learn your
potting lexicon:
lobelia or nasturtium
nudging pendulous

Face turning late towards the sun,

I’m ready

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  1. wow – that closure made me swallow hard becky…sometimes our inner timing and the running clock just don’t work together…great write

  2. ugh…yeah, if only we could wait until the perfect timing but often that means we have missed it…i can feel the angst of the narrator…

  3. I loved this the first time I read it Becky! Have read it a few times now new and revised edition is poignant and hard hitting. Very heart warming today of all days.

  4. Hi Becky,

    having read this poem before on fb – i didnt know if i could add any more value – but im so glad i read it again today in the context of the prompt – i see and feel it in a whole new light and appreciate it far more than before – these things can be mood related i am sure – the final stream is quite breath taking and sadly beautiful

    thanks becky

    • Hi Arron.. good to hear your thoughts on this… yeah I agree, context changes things…entirely.

  5. hedgewitch permalink

    I don’t know how you could treat this topic any better–you sum up everything piercing about regret, missed opportunities, and loss, and tie it with the bow of well-balanced understatement. I especially respect your poet’s sense of space, of not pushing the message too far, too explicitly, but letting it breathe quietly on the reader’s neck.

  6. The man in the photo bears a striking resemblance to you….

    Becky, this is perhaps my favorite poem posted for the prompt so far. As Hedgewitch pointed out, it’s perfectly done, and the message is so direct and poignant. I love how your face turning to the sun evokes a heliotrope. I love this. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    • Thanks, Mark. Yes, this one is very personal and the photo is of my Dad. I very much appreciate your kind words.

      • I have now read all 100 poems posted for the prompt, and this one is my personal favorite. The “I’m ready” bookends, the heliotrope, its perfect succinctness. The fact speaks for itself: you weren’t ready, and now you are. One little detail – the “(frankly ridiculous) pork-pie hat” – is enough to suggest the divide between you and he and your lingering over the beautiful activity he indulged in shows your readiness. I was hoping to read something as beautiful as this when my turn happened to come on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 to host at the pub.

      • Mark… sincere thanks for your generous words. I’m deeply touched by your response, especially having read so many moving pieces from this prompt. Thank you.

  7. I’m ready now is such a strong ending and shows that over time you are ready to accept and want more. I love this poem it is so heart warming and wish that we can all take our own time to accept but sometime it is hard. Thank you such a lovely poem

  8. Becky, you write great poetry whenever you set your mind to it, and I have honestly enjoyed all of your work that I have read, but this is my favorite piece of yours. It still moves me each time I read it and your measured spacing and word use is just perfect for me. While it’s not explicitly emotional or sentimental (maybe that’s the secret to this one), it powerfully expresses your feelings. I get a little teary when I read these lines…perhaps because it is such a universal thing…missed opportunities.

    • Thanks a lot Emma… this was certainly felt and it’s good to know you caught the emotions wafting around the place. It’s a painful thing… missing those opportunities.

  9. Sarah Wiseman permalink

    Beautiful Becky, made me cry. It’s so true isn’t it, that all those quirks and easy annoyances are a missed opportunity.

  10. As I noted on Facebook, this piece very evocative, Becky. And on a personal note I can relate to this very strongly right now. The small details (especially those that are attached to proper nouns) are where this really sings.

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