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August 26, 2011

You caught me hovering midstream
replete with aspirational prose,
arms cradling sifted, metered roles;

you showcased word-swirled nights: full-cream
ode temptation, rhyme elation
trochaic tango balance beam.

Tsunami-sucking undertow
you caught me hovering midstream.

Image: Jeffrey T Larson
I am linking this to dVerse Poets Critique & Craft 29.9.11 I’m interested to hear all thoughts on any aspect of this poem about falling into poetry.

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  1. read it a few times becky and really like it
    the rhymes word well and you brought the ocean in your words. much like word-swirled nights…

  2. Aida permalink

    Oh, to be caught! Wonderful Octain, Becky πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, very nice tickling for the tongue. I was going to pick out a favorite part, but I enjoyed it all the same. Wonderful word choices throughout!

  4. Well done on the octain. As for describing poetry, it does so with grace, beauty and power. I think we all know the tsunami-undertow.


    • Thanks, Beth… I know you have an affinity with the form, so apreciate your views. Yes… the undertow… how I love it.. πŸ™‚

  5. nice…tsunami you caught me this has a real nice flow to it…dontget too swept away in the under tow…smiles.

  6. … I’ll try…. Thanks for dropping in Brian…

  7. you actually caught me at headwaters, from the beginning. very beautiful write. i always enjoy.
    a little sensuality mixed in, just enough, an affair w/ words in need of craft, the right touch, attention.
    the repetition i enjoyed; very effective. i like the way words roll off your soul. very, very, nice.

    • Thank you Henry.. the octain form helped give me a grounding on this one.. happy you enjoyed it.

  8. Love and poetry, no difference … to be swept up to such a sweet summit and then cut down at the knees is the fate of too many loves … and poems. – Brendan

    • Too right Brendan… certainly feels that way to me. Thank you for your visit.. always very much appreciated.

  9. Tsunami- sucking undertow

    I can relate to this. At times I swim against a strong current, a whirlwind of words in my mind…

  10. This is a well done write on poetry. Hovering mid-stream is one
    of the best descriptions so far, when we are writing poetry!

  11. This is true wordsmithing. You have incorporated so many poetic delicacies in this. Delicious.

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