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Continental Drift

August 23, 2011

Continental Drift

Anticipating reminiscences:
folding Lakeland days
between lawn sheets
of cut-grass longing

melting into tropical embrace
hot swirl of Dubai
nights engulfing
Langdale ozone

one foot on Striding Edge
the other sifting white-gold sand:
anticipating reminiscences
of cut-grass longing


Posted for dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight 23.8.11 : – check out the poets at the bar….

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  1. Love this! So simply spoken, yet the language depicts worlds, change, seasons. It is alive with smell, sights, engaging all senses. And yes, that longing for a holiday to last…truly enjoyed this today! Thank you 🙂

  2. Really appreciate your comments Tash… how to make those good times last…?

  3. nice…got one foot in each place and there is a world in between…simple yet translates well into many parts of our lives…change…

  4. simply beautiful

  5. folding Lakeland days
    between lawn sheets
    of cut-grass longing…love this…the longing to preserve shines through…can feel this becky..

  6. yes, a lovely piece.. simple and great

  7. A lovely and piquant reminiscence– thanks! I’m actually at — xxxj

  8. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Beautifully reflective… love the last verse.

  9. You gave each place it’s own unique feature and then weaved them together, nice!

  10. simply lovely!

  11. Thanks everyone for reading… really appreciate your comments…

  12. between the sheets, cut-grass longing… Your imagery is fabulous as is the longing you inspire.


  13. emma permalink

    Beautifully executed Becky. I love what ‘melting’ adds…great choice. Lovely expression of a heart pulled in different directions!

  14. 🙂

  15. Beautiful!

  16. I’ve had the misfortune of moving 46 times in 37 years, here you titrate meaning revealing worlds of emotion/ambiguities in just a few over 40 words, masterful.

    • Thanks both for your comments…

      Anna.. a bit of a nomad then… can see why this might ring a few bells..

  17. Of cut grass longing. Reads so smooth and I love the beauty of contrasts and the image of an area of great interest to me. Beautiful.

  18. Thanks, Henry… cut-grass longing seems to be favourite tonight…

  19. The sweep of locations is grand here, more so for the compactness of the lines … If home is where the heart is, is the speaker homeless, or have the world for her address?

  20. expatinCAT permalink

    Some beautiful turns of phrase here…liked it! // Peter.

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