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Would-be Muse

August 3, 2011

This poem evolved from my previous post ‘Modelling Death’, prompted by the same Millais painting, but explored this time in free verse.


Weeks long I lay
swaddling embryonic dreams.
Lulled in the cooling lap
of this rose-tinted bath.

Two thousand shivering minutes
pink star-gazy fantasies.
Ophelia-fogged delusional
in my muse-tinted bath.

Delirium of the gravest kind
– devotional.
And no, not waving – drawn out
drowning. Do send my deep regrets
to that muse-tainted bath.


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  1. oh becky – i love the embryonic dreams and the muse-tinted bath…

  2. Lots of good in this. Will post the crit to you in a FB msg

  3. It is wonderful having the other poem as a point of comparison. The R & M of the other is the mood whereas this one is slightly more detached but quite striking because it comes at it more directly, This is pretty sensational with the Subject, the Muse, and then that quite startling and evocative suggestion as an after-result. Seriously, I’d frame both of those poems for my apartment -they wouldn’t take up much space but they would be something that could be
    looked into.


    • Well thanks for that.. it’s quite interesting to see the same subject in different forms isn’t it? I do remember it was a bit of a struggle!

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